Monday, February 28, 2011

The Aspring Metalsmiths Challenge Entry

This is a wonderful pair of Labadorite cabochon post earrings, I have freeform cut the leaves and then I fold formed them , hand textured them and then for the swirly effect I tweeked them a little . We will see if I win this is my first entry into the group. Please check us out!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving Forward thru Life

I go with the philosophy of "if life gives you lemons make some lemonade" and lately life is doing just that. I sit on the patio and enjoy the feel of the hot sun pouring over me through all my skin and into my bones. Hear the singing of the birds, feel the brush of the wind upon my skin like the caress of a lovers touch. Spring is coming thankfully I can now see it as well as feel it, the tulip tree in the front yard is showing her wonderful blooms for all to enjoy. When you feel mother nature really feel her power she seems so is so strong and forceful showering it everywhere for all of us to enjoy and feel and yes respect. As I set there I could feel the powerful sun soaking into me healing me making my back all better accepting the limitations now being forced on my being, acknowledging all the changes that are coming, challenges I must face and conquer. I have been diagnosed with sciatica which is simply a symptom of something not good going on in my back, I choose not to accept shots or surgery , instead I am going through physical therapy, weight loss, and exercising. What a wonderful time to heal this spring time going into summer with the sun and it's warmth as my constant companion on my journey.
Adding a little exercise to my life with my bronze friend here.

maybe jog over to the Maxwell House coffee factory for a little cuppa of coffee, although downtown Jacksonville you can smell the coffee beans baking gosh what a wonderful smell on a clear bright day.
Check out this fantastic piece of art, actually it's on an abandoned building those are old 33.3 records how great is this?
And how about driving out to do a little bit of shopping in this cool car, this was parked at a restaurant I ate at and I have this love for vintage cars man would I love to own this beauty.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone

Isn't Valentines day just the best day in the world. Lots of candy to eat and flowers everywhere in your home, little gifts and tokens of love and affection everywhere. Got to go and get Lil Daisy something for Valentines day tomorrow, although her newest toys Piglet and Tigger she is enjoying wonderfully, I think she still misses Bella but she seems okay just plays all the time. I am still working on a set of stacking rings to put on the site and finish up a new necklace in copper one of my friends at etsy wants to see so this week it's back in the jewelry studio again. Still working on my art a day projects need to find some time to post them so you can see them. Waiting on the pirate ship to arrive here in Jax this week to check it out hopefully Johnny Depp will be on board yeah right not likely.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day for Baking Bread

Ah today was a day for baking bread. Last week I found a wonderful blog called UmberDove here on blogspot, and there was this great recipe for baking honey wheat bread which I truly didn't need on this diet I am on. Oh well, anyway the first batch my lil princess Daisy ate while it was rising

So on to another batch done today and it is delicious! And so easy to do, wow it makes three loaves and guess what she even makes Lemon jam also but unfortunately I didn't get in on the giveaway soon enough oh well maybe next time. She is a wonderful artist who creates these amazing birds gosh they are great, I am a birdwatcher I loe how they act with each other. So here is some pics of the process as I did it sorry but I am a messy cook but since I have to clean up it's okay. On the walls you will get a chance to see some of my fiber art works which is something I am trying to do again along with everything in the world. Oh well thats how it is with me.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Reflections of My Life

Umm, it's the birthday month, do you ever start to go through the pages of your life when it's that time for you. Remember good times and interesting places you gone and explored. I was thinking of how on earth did the little small town girl ever survive turning 18 and flying across the country to such an exotic place like Iran. Yeah that's what I did lived there for a while, I remember when I first stepped out of the coocha(alley) everything stopped deal still. It was like a movie freezing up just stopped in motion the whole entire street, they just stared at me this tall blonde headed woman who was a giant at 6 ft tall, I think they had never seen one so blonde and light skinned and a giant at that, took a moment for it all to go back to normal. Now being the young innocent I was I wanted to run back inside but Aleece my landlady wouldn't allow that, so off shopping we went with everyone staring very boldly at me not even trying to hide it. I still don't know how I ever got use to that as I was a very shy young kid back in those days. I think for the rest of this month I will share these memories of my life travels all over the world with you so you can get to know me a little better, please join me grab a cup of tea who knows maybe I will write a book about all of it everyone says I should.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday off spending it peacefully

Lately days have been spinning by so fast and quick, never enough time. I started my Art a day and am really enjoying the challenge of having to come up with something new everday a project to accomplish. Having a sense of achievement is so good and it makes one feel elated. I have chosen to make a schedule of the different mediums in art I wish to try out to seek knownledge I always feel as though I search for knownledge everywhere. Tomorrow will bring forth something new for each of us, enjoy it experience it acknowledge it and go forth on your own personal journey towards wherever it may take you. On the etsy site you will see a ring that has been added to my shop, I have also been trying the new techniques out that had once been taught to me, I hope you like it, the ring involves mixing metals silver and copper in this instance together to make a single piece of art .