Sunday, November 10, 2019

     Ah it's been a moment since I stepped away so much has changed in my life in the last few years. There has been major surgeries, changes in all areas. I have once again stepped into my jewelry studio to try to begin again that journey I started so long ago. At this moment I am focusing on stamping jewelry. I am so inspired by the love of Native American jewelry and have always been. Their art hits me right to my soul, I will have to work hard to get my creations that are so inspired by their pieces of wearable art to any kind of a acceptable level for myself. Its odd I have never been a perfectionist before but since I have started stamping the need for it to match up has become a strong factor in my work. Oh my gosh there is so much I want to do. I keep hearing in my head these strong words "Patience grasshopper patience" which of course has never been one of my many strong points in life
     Last few months i have worked on a set of Native American Inspired Silver Pearls some also call them Navajo Pearls but since I am not a navajo I don't think that is okay to call them that. A lot of my jewelry that I  make is inspired by this wonderful culture and art of the Native American People. I think it appeals to me so much that they made their art with such few actual tools that they didn't create themselves out of other materials. This is so fascinating to me, reminds me of my life as I was growing up seeing my father do this we always called it the "Make Do Thing". Going to town for spare parts was like a 15 or a 25 mile one way trip and a farmer doesn't have that much time to waste in a day so it make do with something else to fix this or that. What i have been creating lately