Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Return of the Missing

Well hello everyone I am back in the saddle on the road to bringing my art out of the closet and it feels pretty darn good. Those of you who have traveled with me on this life journey know just about all of the ups and downs of my life on this journey. A couple of months ago I started to feel the pull of the studio and the cabbing shop. As we all know those of us who take these little hiatus from time to time always come back when the siren of creativity calls us we simply answer and I did just that. these are currently in my etsy shop And yes finally got a new name, next step is a new banner to go along with it. I discovered some new rock called Kaleidoscope and its awesome. Working on some new cabs for the shop so welcome aboard if you are new and if you have been hanging with me on this journey of discovery of alot of different things that are metaphysical or spiritual or a free tutorial here and there or just in discovery of new metalsmithing techniques or rediscovering old ones. If you have any new things you would like for us to try out just let me know and we can all start a journey together. I am working on getting the metalsmithing studio up and running again so lets go folks start a journey together.