Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day for Making Earring Cabochons

Finally I have slowed down long enough to make some earring cabochons, I have wanted to do this for so long but just simply been to busy. Do you ever get just way to busy to be able to accomplish something you really want to do. I am reading up on some information on time management. This is something I have a little problem with, there's just so much I want to do and experience in life that I am going to schedule some time frames and dates to do exactly that.
Today was the first day of trying this out, I got all my errands ran for the day, new sewing machine needles for the tshirt knit I am working with which was not doing so well with a regular needle on the sewing machine, got a new blouse and finally after much searching a new purse. For me searching for a purse is always a journey, looking for just the right one. I am choosy, I want a great looking purse for a cheap price, I usually shop for them at Marhshalls or Tj Maxx. I found it finally it's a SAK purse bluish black leather with alot of sassy style just for me. Thankfully the search is over for awhile. Tomorrow I will go visit my pals over at Follett and get my college books since I will only buy from them. I am really excited to hang with them for a short while.
Bubba is growing like a little weed getting very tall he is now up to 20 pounds and is definetly Franks baby. Daisy now loves him and he uses her as his favorite chew toy .

Earring Cabs I used a dopping stick with glue on them to make the cabs. rough cut the little slab, do your design, apply to stick. and get cabbing really that simple. And here are the results. I am practicing for now and will place some in the atticktreasures site on etsy soon.
So what do you think do you like them?

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Journey

Ah going home, there is no way to describe that feeling when the city gets to much and it's time to head head home to the farm for some down time. Home that is a simple little four letter word that holds so much importance to all of us. There we know we will find peace and tranquility, be it in the scenes of the green grass, grazing cattle in the fields or the beautiful completely friggin straight rows of crops awaiting mother nature to give them their bounty for harvest.  It may be the completely fresh breeze that flows through the tall green pine trees blowing softly in and out giving a light dusting of good ole Florida sand.For me it's the sounds of the birds flying all over the place the cardinals and bluejays with their vibrant colors like little special flowers in the sunset, oh yeah those sunsets although I know I am partial Florida can put on a display of a sunset like no other I have always wished I could paint them umm no talent in that area at all. I always step out of the car and close my eyes letting time stand still as I breathe deeply filling my lungs with all that fresh air slowly releasing it and slowing opening my eyes to take in the view and the sounds around me and a deep fulfilling sigh always escapes me , I have traveled alot of places in these years of mine but there is absolutely no place like home that little tiny piece of rural Florida that I love even if it has a magical spell on me. Enough of all that mushy emotional stuff .

Has your mother ever told you to be careful for what you wish for in life? Well my poor Frank just found this out to be true. For sometime now we have been talking about a friend for Daisy she misses Bella. We had decided next year would be a good time to start looking for one, well then Frank says yes let's get a golden lad I've always wanted one. Well whammy it arrives. On the way back from the farm I see the sign and it's actually hanging upside down mixed lab  kind of hard to figure it out, so I said hey frank turn around and lets see what it says, we are no we are not going to bring home a puppy if we see one we are going to wait we are not even going to hold them . So we turn around because I would rather give a puppy who needs a home one than one who has lots of papers and certificates and all their are to many homeless  puppies as it is. So we stop blow the horn see two huge yellow labs out front then three giant fat little pups show up and the man steps out. He is just a regular guy a farmer kind of guy, says yeah he has some puppies two boys who are yellow and a black little girl. Their mom is a chocalate lab golden retriever mix dad is a full bloodied yellow lab. I completely let Frank choose which one I had already chosen my favorite , first he looks towards going with the little girl and then he wants my opion I told him why I would choose one puppy over another personality, head shape , etc. He chooses a big huge male , who is ginormous, and then decides to call him Bubba I am like what a name . So I have affectionately named him BUBBA BURGER and here is Franks wish come true .

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sundays always fun!

Well due to the fact I once again got a second dose of the stupid cold pneumonia I was once again laid down for a little while, I am up and at it once again. Lots of new plans for jewelry this week, I will post some pics tomorrow of the new stuff for the shop. I have been having alot of sucess with working on the series of earrings that are economically priced as I often love the items in others shops but know there is no way I could afford them on a starving artist partime stylist salary so I decided to try offer something of my design that everyone could afford. So please keep an eye out for such items in the shop as they would be great little gifts or stocking stuffers. Making jewelry for me is a need, it fills something in my soul I am proud of my little creations and I always hope someone likes them as well as I do. They are alot like me unusual, different, not to perfect, oh I know an original just like me . hee hee. Do you have something  in your life that fills your soul, anything comment me and tell me about it. I would love to get to know all of you and hear about your lives and what you are doing.
Well next month I start back to college, I am so excited to finally get on with this part of my journey, last week I met a federal judge actually I cut his hair, he was very interesting man and even gave me some additional information on being a paralegal . That is one thing about being a hairsylist you never know who you will meet. Life is kind of like that isn't it.
I still haven't got to do to much work on the patio although sweet Frank hung some pation lights for me tonite and we did pick up some more flower pots at Big Lots where I love to flower pots they have such great prices on them compared to every where else. I can't wait till it's done so I can post some pics of it. I have done some Mosiac planters that are super cool and if anyone wants instruction please let me know and I will do a tutorial on them for everyone it's really simple. I found some bamboo and I am going to make a trellis for my cherry tomatoes since I am on this diet I may as well have some cute little tomatoes in my salads.

UPDATE:  So far no roots or sprouts on my avacado trees, anyone know anything else I can do ? I change the water every other day, they are now in the sun outside. I am so impatient for them to grow.
Everyone have a wonderful week have fun , be creative, dig in the dirt and play in the sun it's all goo. od for you.