Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful feast today and filling up with all that wonderful food and fun with the family and extended families. I always remember what wonderful feast we had when i was a child man could my nanny put some food together we always would travel to her house in miami for the holidays. Her house seemed to be bursting at the seams and it was so much fun to play with all my cousins.

Tomorrow starts the big sale day for the holidays i am participaing in the blackfriday thru cybermonday sales event on my etsy site *nancycreations* as well as the website *nancysjewelrydesigns* . Lots of stuff on sale as well as no shipping involved hurrah! Don't you just love a sale.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

working on a wednesday

Has everyone got their feast decided upon well here at this household we are just going to do a simple feast not to much to do this year i want to make some jewelry instead. I am working on a piece that has special meaning to me as i am hoping it help me during this time in my life of adjustment to new things and situations that are coming my way hoping that it will help me along a new path in my life. For the piece i chose some wonderful bright apple green chrysoprase it is said to have a calming effect on both the mind and the body. It also symbolizes clarity of thought, lead us to intellectual approaches. The stone is to be worn for a long time when used for these healing purposes.It is a respresentative of the quartz family and also a chalcedony. I will make a few extra ones for my website just in case anyone else feels the need for this stones power of course there will also be some cabachons available to purchase as well. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Monday All Day Long

Hi everyone it's time to get up and get it together i have been studying some of my research information on stone knowledge and their powers this is something i have been interested in a long time the more i study the more info i get that amazes me. I am trying to find some info i have already studied at some point about what stones the romains sewed in the tunics of their soldiers before they left for war i have a friend whos son is returning to iraq and would like to get a pouch together for him before he leaves to return there. It is amazing the history of the stones over time and the folklore that goes with them alot of people think these beliefs are tied to withcraft which they arent actually they talk of stones in the Bible. Since alot of people are interested in stone knownledge i think i will post ana dditional blog on stones and their powers in which they made be able to help in a positive way in your life, stones are also tuned into the zodiac so there are stones outthere to go with whatever sign you are i will be glad to assist anyone with that info just send me a comment and i will let you know, in addition i also cut and cab my own stones so if you want a raw stone instead of a finished stone let me know and i will try to help you .

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Stones

Thank you everyone who came to JFF today to get some of the new stones i cabbed. I have got some wonderful Petrified Palmwood with some really cool spots and lines on it. Next week some of my wonderful chrysocola is make an appearance actually not next week because JFF will be closed but some will be appearing on my new website nancysjewelrydesigns so please check it out. There will be some stones appearing on the site and you can purchase them from me all the time and not just on saturdays great huh? Well keep posted and please will you all start following me on this site.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Almost the end of the week

Wow what a rushed week , i am working on getting stuff it seems everywhere, this taking pictures, posting stuff here and there whew well i am getting it under control let me tell you lots of stuff on flickr. Well the new website is up and running thanks to a wonderful person in florida you know who you are i am eternally grateful for all the help and support you offer me thank you again . The website is hurrah it is here finally after years of saying i was going to do it , pictures are being posted as we go along , so stay tuned to it please!
Lots of new stones are coming to Jff this weekend Red is the color thats all i am saying so get ready really cool stuff tomorrow i will post pictures of the new stuff for you so check back tomorrow as i finish cabbing tonite and tomorrow .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the new site

Thanks for following me to the blogspot i have finally managed to get stuff to come all together (hopefully). In January I will be changing the name from nancy creations, nancy antley creations, antley creations to nancys jewely designs. At the moment a web site is being created for me with the new business name you can find it at Nancys Jewelry I am finally trying to get all of it together the stones as well as the jewelry it has been a long journey with dealing my moms death and i think i have finally came out of it and adjusted as most of you know she was terribily sick for about 15 years before she past away this january it will be two long years since we lost her. My dad health continues to deteroitrate with the alzheimers i am slowly loosing my father its sometimes hard to remember the tall strong laughing man he once was but every so often we catch a glimpse of him and we have come to enjoy this funny laughing new father and all his little episodes he gets himself and us into . I would like to take this time to thank all the wonderful support of good friends who stood by me at the most difficult of times thank you from the bottom of my heart

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey it's Midweek Hurrah

Hi everyone thankgoodness it's midweek , i always love Wednesdays because I know tomorrow i will get to hang out with good friends and make cool jewelry yummy. I have been very busy this morning working on some more baby cabachons of course i am loving all of them and not want to part with them ah occupational hazard at best but this is a business so i have to of course i will have to say a few for myself sorry love ya though. There are so many different kinds i can't name them all come Saturday and get what you need they usually run about $15.00 they are alot of work to prep but they are worth it i think. Remember they will be at JFF Saturday join the blog and get a surprise and no i am not going to tell what it is so forget it.

Well it winter time kind of so it's time to start a little knitting again they have some really cool patterns on etsy you can purchase really cheap to download especially if you are a beginner like me , don't know if you remember but my aunt taught the very basic knitting while my mom was in the hospital before she passed so i am still learning hey does anyone know of a good store on the southside for wool and lessons let me know if you do. Well i have decided to do one of those really cute scarfettes on etsy so i will keep you posted on how that goes.

Have a good day and try not to let the weather get you to down to much and keep busy so you can stay warm yuck hate this cold weather such a Floridian i am see you .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a rainy day in Georgia

Hi everyone sorry i didn't post yesterday but do to a minor household accident i just couldn't type to well . Yesterday i learned its not a good idea to make tea and then clean off the stove while it's still hot especially if you have a gas stove and want to clean the burners hot iron is really HOT!, grabbed the aloe and thank goodness it really does work no blisters forming but you can actually see them kind of weird huh. I guess a typical Monday at work but i did get a day of rest sort of.

Today's agenda is going to be working on the baby cabs again already got them prepared for the cabbing machine but first its experiment time i am going to try to do some mix metal stuff, using copper and silver i want see what kind of cool things i can come up with so be prepared tomorrow for the big surprise of seeing what the experiment turns out for us to enjoy.

I also posted some of my stuff on etsy again trying to get that established offering a great deal on earrings at $15.00 a pair and some other stuff in case you might need some quality inexpensive gifts for the holidays or stocking stuffers.

My last bit of exciting news i am finally getting my own website, hurrah thanks to someone very special out there for helping me out don't know what i would do without your help and support it is in the process of being put together the site is its under construction now but you can still buy something if you like.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Sunday Lets Create Jewelry Day

Hello everyone, i feel in the creating mood today so i am headed down to the jewelry studio hurray my favorite place of besides the cabbing room.Yesterday was such a fun day the other nancy who is one of my bff and I hung out in her studio and made some cool alloy called shibudoo or shubuki somthing like that where you mix copper and silver together we were hilarious like two mad scientists at work on a world changing experiment. Now rolling it out was another thing we both felt we got our upper body workout for certain whew but man was it cool going to do some more in my studio this week. Will get some pics for everyone to see when i do it here at home as always JFF fitted me out for the job with new tongs , crucibles, stirring stick and all so it was easy to try it out thanks to Dallas for helping us out hurrah success got to let him know he always loves to know our results of our experiments haha. I will hopefully post some cool stuff soon for you to see keep in touch and to anyone mentioning this blog at JFF i am going to give you a surprise if you signed up to follow me in the blog just let me know when you show up at JFF on Saturday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Tuesday Already

Well after taking off Sunday and Monday to do some me stuff it's time to hit the creative road first on the list of priorites it baby cabachons oh yeah here they come for all of you wonderful people who are waiting on them to emerge they are here yeah it's okay making them but i still like the bigger stuff and when you move down in size there is also the issue of smaller print needed on the stones hard to get all that great graphics on little stones. The leaves are so pretty in my back yard i think they must have made an impression when i went rock gathering this week, i chose colors that reminded me of the fantastic foilage that is every here to see the golds that i think is the favorite color of the fall leaves those maple trees that are that really golden and orange color are so great here are some of the rocks that i will be working with this week, as well as jewelry to post on etsy so stay tuned for more updates as the week progresses.