Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life going back to normal

Well Daisy and I are getting use to her staying in the kennel, neither are to happy about it but I can't keep her from jumping running and all the other stuff she is not suppose to do we just have to do mini walks with a short leash. To say the least she is not happy and letting her feelings out loud and clear. Well I finally got some cabbing down, made some cabs lastnite they range in size from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches, they include rainforest jasper, bogwood, carnelian, noreena jasper, chrysocolla shamans stones, dalmation jasper, and fire agate. They will post on etsysite today between $10 and $18 see if there might be anything you need.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Daisy Update

Thank goodness Daisy is home finally, whew was I scared and lost without her, this lil stinker has become very special to me. Well they gave me the pins they removed along with a feww pieces of wood she also ate, I think I will make a collage of the pins as wall art since it cost me a small fortune to get her well although she is priceless to me. Here are some new pics of her with her new accesory the e-collar which she wears for the next 10 days, oh boy is that going to be fun. No running no jumping no chasing the cats inside lots of kennel time for Daisy I think.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Still working on the ring

Well you know how you design a piece and then somewhere it starts to take on a life of its own and you are no longer sticking to the original design umm that's starting to happen here folks, when i took classes my good friend amy rowe and i always laughed about how this would happen to us, and bless her heart HB our teacher would just look at us with that certain look like she knew here we go again.haha! Now the ring has decided it wants some wire on it and it still can't decide on the protection ring for the stone exactly how that is to look oh it will have the prongs but it thinks it wants a little extra something who knows what at this point. here's the latest pic of how things are proceeding.

DAISY UPDATE: Yesterday my precious Daisy puppy swallowed 14 sewing pins , the cats helped her out by getting my pin cushion off the sewing table, she has had to have surgery on her stomach to remove them , three are still in her they were unable to remove them couldnt find them except on the xray, they are mixed up in her food in her tummy so hopefully she will pass them okay , will keep you updated , I saw her today she is fine and happy so heres hoping all will be okay.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keeping On the Journey

Oh gosh everyone my lil Daisy puppy got ahold of the pin coushion and ate 14 pins she is at the vets waiting for surgery to remove them can you beleve it , I told them I wanted them to frame and hang on the wall for what it's costing me to have them removed it's definite she will eat anything , you would have thought they would have hurt guess not since she ate 14 of them. So I am now home trying to keep busy while they do her surgery they said she would be fine but i am still worrying, trying to keep busy which means doing jewelry or cabbing jewelry it is. Here are a few pics of the progress of the ring hopefully I will finish it tonite.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aquamarine Ring

Here is the usual process for creating a piece of jewelry, first the project starts a the bench where all the ideas, supplies are gathered. This ring will be done with a unfinished aquamarine set in it's natural state, that I purchased from a friend, I have used one of my own printed plates and textured the sterling silver sheet, now the ring shank is drawn , using the stone in the idea and placement and deciding how much room i will need to be able to use prongs on it to hold the stone in place stay with me as I go ahead and prepare to fabricate the ring.

Monday, March 22, 2010


here they are at last

Here's the pictures of the Fusing

Sorry I couldn't post the pics yesterday the weather was bad here in rural america and you know what that means no satiellite which is the only way I can get even somewhat fast internet which it is not fast let me tell you, anyway go back and read yesterdays post along with these pics and it should all make some sort of sense.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Journey Begins: subject FUSING

Well we have started the journey, I decided to try out a technique called fusing. This is basically sticking one metal to another using heat as your only source of sorta glue I guess. What I did was sort through my silver leftovers little bits and pieces then I pounded them flat, then I took a piece of sheet silver 3x2 made sure it was flat, cut all my pieces up into smaller pieces made sure they were flat piled all of the little pieces onto the sheet and used the torch and heated all over , you will start to see the pieces kind of swim into one another the back sheet to now you are fusing , Hurrah! sometimes pieces will fall off hopefully not alot you can always go back and fuse some more, after fusing i cleaned up the metal dried it really good then rolled it thru the rolling mill. After that I decided to use some of my printing plates I had created myself so the metal went thru the mill again using them and then your fusing is done hopefull I didn't leave anything out , try this and if you have any questions please contact me at , now if there is any typing errors , grammar errors, please be nice and accept this as it is I am just sharing an experience with you and maybe encouraging you to try new things so go for it and have fun and please share your treasures with me I would like to see them hey also check out my store at

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wondering Around Life

Have you ever found yourself kind of lost in a daze where time has simply slipped away? That's where I feel I have been, I have been so busy making cabachons and trying to learn how to take better pictures for the websites and reading alot of info on etsy about selling , then I slipped across this article that talked about relaxing and using the down time in your life to create and improve things and it's a great philosphy, so that's what I am now doing. I have been wanting to go back and redo some of the techniques I learned in silversmithing, practice some new ideas, so here we go we are offically starting now on this journey and you are welcome to come along with me, I will discuss what I am doing and show you some of the results, yeah the good ones and the bad ones, so join me on this journey.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Trying Tuesday

Yuck did you ever have a Monday on a Tuesday yesterday was so great simple peaceful and then whammy here comes Tuesday. My little darling Daisy has been a holy terror this morning, Chance crystals dog decided to go for a long run all by himself, thank goodness for work. I am heading into the cabbing studio today to do some more cabs and then to get started on doing some new stuff. This new stuff has been on my mind for a long time, to some it may seem backwards but you must always constantly be evolving as an artist or I think you become stale, so I have been stepping out of my box and going into different directions, for the last few weeks I have been entering into the world of wirewrapping so some heres a few of my creations in that regard, I use to do wirewrapping but with large wire so I decided to try smaller wire, where I will go with this who knows maybe nowhere it doesn't matter just an learning experience. Also some new cabs, finally got the cabbing equipment up and running.