Monday, March 28, 2011

For the Love Of Gemstones

Well what do you think of  this ? Not very inspiring huh? Are you absolutley sure? Umm look a little closer do you see some pretty pink kind of stuff? As most of you know I am a crazy rock hound, love them all of them, never seen a rock I didn't like . Inside this bottle is a collection of Garnets from North Georgia that I had to move to Jacksonville Florida to buy. haha! I belong to the Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society and ever so often we have swaps and sales and all kind of cool things going on. At on of these such events I purchased this bottle of garnets, just fell in love with these dusty lil devils, I could see in the sunlight the pinks and dark maroons and it was love at first site. In my blog I try to bring you along with me on as many of my discoveries as posssible so that is how we got to this point.
Now this is a little closer look  at this treasure, as you can see the pinks are a little bit more visable this is taken on a piece of white paper, but if you a little closer I think I am not positive but I think I see a little bit of bluish color in the middle and off to the left. Now this could be Kyanite, I have already found one piece of Kyanite in this bottle so far. We will have to see later.

Now this is the same collection, only this time they are laying in water, by  placing them in water their color becomes a little bit more clearer as you can see.

Now they are placed on sticks being cabbed , EWWW look at the color isn't it delicious wow, these Garnets are swirling through my brain in jewelry pieces right now, gosh what will I make with these ? So stay tuned folks to see what is created out of these lil treasures that started out as rocks in a  jar.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone Get Ready for the $10.00 Cabachon Sale

Well this is something I have been trying to do for awhile making room for new cabochons in the atticktreasures site on etsy. This shop is where mycabochons which I make are for sale. These are all natural, freeform cabochons in a variety of shapes and sizes. Featured here are Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Shattukite, Amazonite with losts of sparkle and shine, and Varacasite. These will be put on etsy later today if you have a favorite let me know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Aspiring Metalsmith Project Blogroll "What do you listen to when you work?"

Well that's easy it's whatever moves me on that day, could be R&B, MoTown, Kid Rock, Jazz, Piano classics, gosh it could be just about anything and usually Miss Daisy snoring in the background like a lumberjack. And sometimes it's me dancing the magnificent Solder Dance which thanks To HB my great mentor, instructor, and great friend for teaching it to me. Now I will be honest ,sometimes it's some lil potty words when things aren't going as planned but not to often Well yeah, when I loose that teeny tiny stone and can't find the darn  thing anywhere. Actually Frank has a good idea I should just make jewelry in the floor when it involves little stones . I grewing  up in a house with lots of different types of music playing , a sister who was a 60's hippy chick, mother who loved all music. I  actually remember my first little record player I was probaly 5 or6, Santa brought me the player and some 45rpms I loved that song My Darling Clementine I personally think my sister threw it away. Please join me in viewing what all the other members blog as their favorite thing to listen to, I think we may find out a few things about them, too.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hurrah we have a winner !

Congrads Carol you are the winner of the hoops you must email me a picture of you wearing them when they arrive I love my pair and know you will too. This has been great fun everyone join the blog and check it out who knows when I get a crazy notion to give away again I  love doing this it's so much fun go join up next time I might just pick from the followers and it might be you.

A New Ring for the Shop

I know this may sound sick but I am beginning to think I create better when I am sick, wierd huh? Has this ever happened to you? I have really got this jewelry thing going on again in me thank goodness it's been a  moment thought I had lost my creativity there for a second. I guess probaly everyone hits a moment like this where they get kind of lost in everday life and forget what is really important to them. My studio is like air to me, I need it, if I don't get to get there I get really cranky you know. I think it's what keeps me sane sorta I guess there's probaly people out there who think that's not possible at all . Oh well what do they know, I hope you like the ring kind of boho which I love, I still remember the days of clothes that look just like the ones they are selling now in the store near you I think once a litte hippie child always one.

Ah the Perfect Little Pair of Hoops for $10

There are times when one is sick with broncitis  one should stay in bed an be good unless they are Nancy then one should kill the being bored to death feeling by going into her studio and working right yeah. Well lately I am trying alot of new things out in the studio, so I was there playing around with ideas packaging up a pair of earrings to go out and I always prepare a little special gift to say thank you for liking my jewelry and I am thinking up this little gift when I go ah a perfect little pair of hoops is what is needed here. You know that pair that goes with everything, I have such a little pair I keep then in my purse because sometimes I forget and leave the house without a pair of earrings on which is a no no its like not being totally dressed, earrings and lipstick a total must even if you are only going to the market for veggies just a plain you can't do it kind of thing. Anyhow here they are just for us and for only $10.00 wow what a bargain totally handmade by me each and every pair now these are for sale at the  or who knows they could come to you as a little thank you the next time you purchase from me somewhere at one of my shows or events. Or what the wow I think I will send a pair to the first person who is sweet enough to leave me a little comment on these earrings on the site here , yes you lucky winner they are yours just leave a comment and email me with your address and guess what they will be on their way to you hee hee I love having fun don't you? Email me at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Addition to the Nancycreations household

Well here she is, her name is Sydney and a friend of mine needed to place in a home where she would be loved and cared for so she arrived. Sydney is her name which is according to Frank going to be changed to Sydney Boxersocks because she has boxing gloves on and socks, so I guess she will adjust to her new name and home. She is very loving and since Daisy was raised with cats she is fine with her a little curious but that has already been handled with a swat to her nose now she is respectful around the kitty. Sydney was also raised with dogs so they will be just fine together although Daisy  is a little bit jealous of her.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have you ever grown an avacado tree from a seed?

This is my selection of seeds two are the wrinkly black ones and one is the smooth green kind. I love avacadoes so since I had these seeds I thought why not grow a tree my mom did once when I was a child so surely I could. Now never having done this before I of course searched the world wide web for info on how to do it. If you want a link to the site please let me know and I will be glad to send it to you. I was wondering if ayone out there in bloggerland has ever tried to do this with success? Please let me know how it went. The article says in a few days  about a week I am suppose to see roots coming from the bottom and then a sprout will pop up from the top of the seeds, I will keep you up to date as we progress with this experiment. If you have any tips please let me know I am so excited over having my own trees !

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ode to Aunt Zinnie

     I have lost my beloved Aunt Zinnie or better known as Zinnebelle Markham Speiglberg, the aunt who some how added to me her love of the kitty kats. As long as I have known her she has loved the kitties all colors and makes and models. What a wonderful person she is and will be missed alot by all of us of whom lives were blessed by knowing her. In her later years Aunt Zinnie joined in our family heritage of getting Alzheiemers seems to unfortunately run in our family gene pool. She was usually happy with a little touch of spice to her thank goodness she never showed me this side of her personality but I think my poor Aunt Florence sure got some of it when she got really sick and had to stay with Aunt Zinnie and Jimmy poor Aunt Zinnie couldn't figure out who this stranger was in her house. Jimmy my cousin who is her firstborn child, and son, took care of his mom through out all of it, right by her side walking with her in the yard and helping her feed her herd of cats as she did quite often, you will not find many men who would devote themselves to that task. She is a pickle as is as she is always with me everywhere always telling me to"Keep up my chin it will get better it always does" This article is to honor her while I sit here and write to you with tears rolling down my cheeks lets all honor a woman who raised I think seven children , spent a lifetime with one man, who we think personally crashed his plane in the field at the farm so he could meet her and his partner met my Aunt Era and fell head over hills for her also, so don't you know these farm girls must of had something. She raised her children through two wars I believe and a hubby who fought for our freedom we enjoy today. She is an incredible woman, my hat off to you Aunt Zinnie I know you are flying high with Uncle Cliff in heaven. 
     So today I started this project out in honor of her, made with vintage findings lots of color and as soon as I find one a vintage kitty will be added ot the mix. The idea comes from the the Spring 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry . I used all components already on hand which is new rule of mine to try to downsize my stash of goodies

I tried to use the colors of spring flowers for she really enjoyed her flowers.

As you can see I am a bit messy of well that what having fun is all about being  carefree when you get a chance .

This is part of the inside of the mag showing all kinds of wonderful ideas. This is the greatest zine and one of my favorite's. Please take a moment and remember the special aunt you had in your life who was your favorite or if you are like and blessed with a whole bunch of aunties who are each one special in their own way just to you. Love ya Aunt Zinne may you have lots of kitty kats with you always.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Addition to my Lifestyle Begins

     Well lately I feel like I am all over the place everywhere and no where all at the same time. Today after alot of drama I finally got registered for college. So at the bright age of 52 I return to college . Enough said on that subject.
     I have been trying to get some time in on making some different types of jewelry, I have been putting some vintage pieces together and seeing what comes of it, I will feature some of the new styles when they get completed I want to incorporate some natural gemstones with the pieces for  a special meaning. You know how I love my gemstones and their secrets from long ago. The first piece I am working on will feature citrines and vintage pearls and some other long ago treasures .

Isn't this a wonderful turquoise from Arizona this one has ring ear marked all over it for me.
These are available on for only $15.00 each what a bargain this is for someone looking for handmade cabochons made by me I sell my cabochons in my etsy sister store called Atticktreasures.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crafty Saturday

I will admit it I love magazines, all kinds of magazines but one of my favorite one's is Belle Armoire Jewelry. I have probaly all of them as well as lots of others. I love to seach through them for fun to pick out something to create from the wonderful articles of treasures they have listed in them. Today is like any other crafty day which is what I call it when the urge to create strikes you and you just have to go for it. In the Sept/Oct/Nov of 2010 issure there is an article called Treasure Vessels where you use a Geode and make a cute little top for it and make a pendant with leather neck tie components. Well I am off on this creative road to do this. Now I have never been one to follow directions very well as some of you know, so I decided to do my own little thing and I can't hardly wait to show you my version of this fantastic design. The version of this great little idea is originally created by Janet Loomis,  and this is her web site  as listed in the article: I am now off to check out her web site she is a fantastic artist. Follow me there and hey let's all try out our concept of this design and if you send me pictures and info I will post them on my blog. Just email the pics and info at