Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Making Red Horn Coral Cab

Follow along with me as we create the first cabochon to be made in Florida in the new studio.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Heals All Pains

The last few weeks have been a little rough on me, my dad has passed away joining my mom once again brings a lot of peace to my heart and makes the loss alittle better on me. I am going to turn to my jewelry again to heal a broken heart it has always been there for me during all the rough times in my life. I am currently moving away from my comfort zone and trying out a few new techniques and materials that are offered to us as jewelry artists. The first step I took was venturing into the Gallery Wire which is a type of bezel wire to go around your stone to hold it in place, I chose a fancy filagree type which is not my usual style and made a pretty pink ring featuring a rhondonite which is said to protect you and to accept changes in your life easily and to add comfort.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Singing the murky Monday blues

Well yesterday didn't quite turn out like I thought it would, Dad had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital in Gainesville, his heart rate is 122 beats a minute and he is very ill. The first impression they have given us is there is a blood infection somewhere, today there will be lots of testing being done on him. So once again we wait for results and wonder what will happen next, they did tell us that Hospice will step in to assist us at home we chose this option for this is where he is most happy we think for the moment this is a good option for us My sis and I know we are coming to the end of a long journey through the different stages of alzheimers Dad is in the final stages so once again we wait. Ah but today is Monday and the beginning of a new week for all of us and a new day which can bring about lots of exciting changes and ideas for creating so get out there and create do something fun , color in a coloring book , paint something , draw something always lots of fun waiting for you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday

Well today is sunday and I am going to do some heavy duty studio time today. Still working on the River Ring I'm trying to get some really cool river grass to go up the sides of it and maybe even hold the stone in place kind of like prongs. Update on little daisy who is not so little she is a hellion and a monster but totally adorable and chewing everything in site up oh well so long as she leaves the studio along it will be okay. All these designs in place in my head now to get them into silver creations, see ya later oh heres to all my friends in atlanta miss you love you see you soon hopefully !