Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catching Up on Times Past

     Somewhere in life I read a quote that simply said it all "Memories are photgraphs in you mind." I love to collect quotes they are everywhere in my life in my mind and in my studio's and my home. So if you know any drop me a convo and let me know one of yours. When we moved all I could think of was the amount of STUFF I have, all kinds of stuff, fabric stuff, jewelry stuff, rock stuff just lots of stuff which making moving a real pain in the butt. So my big decision and yes I know it's backwards was once moved in I would start to part with some of it. I mean really I have to much stuff. So right off I placed some of my vintage hats for sale on etsy, and all kinds of other vintage stuff at if you go there and don't see anything you like come back to visit often as stuff is being constantly put there. So that solved my vintage collection problem. Then onto the fabric stuff, well I have lots of old fabrics that my mom used to sew stuff for me, my kids , nieces nephews stuff she wore anyway lots of fabric and scraps . Well in another lifetime I was a quilter yeah me lil miss impatient, so when she passed my sister and I divided the fabric. My original plan was to make a quilt with all these fabrics but I stopped being a traditional quilter a long time ago. So I decided to do this the enjoyable way. I cut 8 inch squares from newspaper and started doing string quilting on it. This is the old traditional way of things back in the old days . Actually where paper piece quilt technique came from. I remember my mom doing it this way its simple my kind of way so here is a few photos to see how its done

First you cut your squares, then grap a handful of scraps press them yeah I know just do it and quit whining. Now the next part is your choice you can draw lines on the newspaper , or you can simply wing it. Cut you scaps into strips any width will do it doesnt matter all the same width or different whatever. Told you it was simple. Now start at a corner any corner. Lay two strips right side facing together on top of paper square now sew 1/4 inch seam. finger press open now add another strip to one side of the first and then you just fill up the square . If you addtional help I can show you step by step here on the blog just let me know and consider it done.  So here is the first square . I have to do three quilts of these squares one for all of us to remember our mom by If you have any questions please email me or convo me on etsy or comment here .

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Having a Happy Thanksgiving

 Well we traveled no far to the Farm which is about and hour and a half away. There was my favoite uncle and his wife as well as my sis and brother and Franks brother and my daughter our long lost brother of course called and checked in as well as our cousin who is Uncles youngest child. complete with four dogs who just love each other and three cats and that is what we call a Thanksgiving feast. The feast was made by my brother and sis who live full time at the Farm and my daughter brought over mash potatoes, we brought along green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole. They cooked a huge turkey , dressing, sweet potato pie, pineapple upside down cake, pumpkin pie, waldorf salad gosh I am sure I have lefted something out but we ate and ate and ate some more. All of us had such a good time talking about old times and holidays past , Frank and Mike shared some of their holiday pasts, it was alot of fun and loads of laughter and teasing which has always been apart of our get togethers. We all felt the presence of Mom and Dad and how much they all enjoyed the holidays with all of us. I hope your holiday Have a wonderful weekend and get started on the Christmas shopping on where you will find loads of artistic handmade treasures for your loved ones as well as yourself and loads of goodies to decorate you home for the Christmas holiday, please try to shop handmade and purchase from artist instead of the mass produced items you see everywhere, some of our items may cost a little bit more but they will be handmade and as a artist myself our hearts and souls go into everything we create no matter what it is and you buying from us makes it an extra special holiday for us. I would like to extend my own personal Thank you for joining my blog and shopping at my etsy shop , this is one of my personal thank you's for the holidays.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally working in the studio again

It's been a busy week getting ready for college again and all that wonderful stuff. Although it's been a little rough getting time for the studio and the site. I am on a mission to fill with lots of new goodies and the return of some of my oldies. The site now features two new items and pendant of labradorite and the silver organic bud earrings I featured here on the blog. A new rainbow moonstone will arrive this evening as well as a Labrdorite ring yes I have been busy in the shop at last hurrah , I have just got to be firm about this shop time. It's a short post for now until tonite see ya or go check out the new additions and let me know what you think.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My ring will visit Hollywood

I was contacted on etsy last week and this ring was purchased to be worn on a certain actress hand when she does her televison show that will be featured in January, sorry folks that's all I can tell you until just before the show airs in January and I will tell you when to turn in to see it on television. I am very humble and excited to have this happen to me.

The Love of a Sunday Afternoon

I love Sundays , it's the best day of the week , laying around the house , cooking big feasts, making cookies today , yes Franks favorite Sugar cookies. As I promised here are so pics I did when I was making the little silver flowers they are dainty sweet with a little organic feel to them they will arrive in the shop on etsy this week along with a couple of other pearl earrings in both silver and brass.  This is a sneak peak at the new studio bench, well it will be nicer when everything finds a place to go on it. haha

In the pictures following the photos of the studio you will see the flowers as they are made, formed, soldered they will be post earrings , pickled and ready for the shop. Hope you enjoy a sneak peek in the studio and how I work on earrings and if they are any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section or email me at and they are no stupid questions especially in making jewelry, always please wear protection for your eyes and well as your nose for inhaling things you shouldn't always adhere to all safety rules for your own protection.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Working in the new Studio

 Well it's up and running full throttle. Oh there is still a little bit of stuff everywhere and my bench is still not organized but I couldn't wait any longer I had to get at it again. Feels like forever since I was working on the bench. So first I made these lil cuties now I did a photo shoot of the making of these and I will post them hopefully this weekend

I have an admission to make I am terrified of setting faceted stones I get all knotted up inside when it comes to setting them, now I don't mind making the settings for the designs just the actual setting of the stone. In the month of Novemember I am working setting these lil buggers as many .as I can . I am going to get through this trauma on way  or another . And now lets get started with ring 1. Okay heres the info , I really wanted to just jump in there and start hard settings first okay, umm any of you like this, just go ahead and do a hard setting then the rest should be easy  right? So I pick a Pear Shape stone of blue topaz, orginal design was for the band to start on each side of the stone, well that wasn't happening this time it just wasn't . So we when for under the setting on each side of the hole in the bottom. Which HB says we need to do I can't exactly remember why maybe to keep the stone clean or because it will cloudly otherwise I will have to ask her. Any how heres the results for ring 1.