Saturday, February 28, 2009

Florida Buying Trip

Well let's see the trip to florida went very well, we found lots of treasures for everyone i hope. I have added some new fossils gotten on the trip , some more ammonites both large and small, some roman coins and cool mercury dimes as well. The rock i picked up is some great labordorite with lots of color, some blue and red cats eye some drusy agates turquoise thanks to my great friends who took me out for my 50th birthday party we had alot of fun. See you at JFF on Saturday with lots of new stuff, next month i will be having a sale on cabs will keep you posted

Monday, February 9, 2009

Amalagram Arts Trunk Show

hello there everyone well lets see the Amalgram trunk show was great , Brian had a great turn out for the class with everyone's finished stuff looking great as usual this is the third time i have had a trunk show with them and the students always lots of fun and turn out alot of great stuff. I have just finished up some fossilized horn coral that will be available on the etsy site: nancycreations on and will also be a JFF this weekend . I got alot of great stuff on the rock hunt so lots of new stuff will be coming out this weekend so stay in touch if u are looking for anything special let me know . bye

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The weekend schedule

Hi everyone I am getting ready for the Amalgram Arts show here in Atlanta, lots of new stones arriving for the show also have added faceted stones which came to me in a great deal so i am passing them on to you in a great deal, all kinds precious as well as semi-precious will be a JFF saturday as well as sunday amalgram arts so see you there . Also am going on another stone hunt this friday will bring back lots of treasures i am sure , there is supposed to be lots of moss agates and petrefried palmwood which is of course is my favorite .

Monday, February 2, 2009


Welcome everyone, this is something new to me , I will try to keep everyone updated on all the happenings going on the company, all the new stones and jewelry that are going to be coming available. I will be creating a website in the very near future until then you can find my stones on under artist name of nancycreations more stones are being added daily thanks for your time and once again welcome to my world which can get a little crazy at times but its never dull i promise.