Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's happened again another wild animal crossing my path

     What is up with all this I keep asking myself. My life has taken a lot of turns in the latter years in different directions so maybe I should expect the unusual to take place once again. I am a spiritual person, I practice mindfulness on a daily basis and I am always in search of peace of mind. So let me tell you this story.
     First of all this is a rough moment in my life the beginning of a new semester at college, hurt my back pulled muscles, lots of lil issues in my personal life going haywire. On my way from one of these haywire issues I encounter a wild boar on the side of the road. He just crosses over in front of me like it's nothing casually walks across the road and starts down the road in my direction that I am driving. I'm like wow is this unbelievable or what in broad daylight he's just walking around like its no big deal. Now me being the superstitious person I am just had to rush home and see what this symbolic meaning has in store for me. Well I'm certainly hoping he's a spirit guide for me because I sure could use all his strength right about now. Look it up very interesting reading.