Saturday, May 4, 2013

I've Survived

     Yes I have survived all of it. All the drama has led me on a path of self discovery and man am I learning new stuff everyday. I won't lie and say its been easy cause it hasn't. Let's catch up shall we? The first semester at the new college has ended with me doing good in my classes which were Elementary Algebra, and a Psych class. Yes I had to start the whole Algebra process all over again since each college has rules about classes that are prep classes when you transfer. Oh well I will just learn it a little bit more . The college was good took my first online class man  I loved it so much easier than actually going to a class it was great. Now we are on to the second semester here , yes I'm once again doing an summer semester. Of course this time I am trying something new, taking three classes two online and one in the class room. Hopefully if all goes well I will be finished with core classes this time next year Hurrah.
     I am working again, which is a good thing, I am blessed to be able to enjoy my job. I work with a great group of girls all of us on our own personal missions in life. Very blessed in that area. I have made alot of new friends since I've moved here as well as meeting up again with old ones from the day of high school. which is really cool I think.
     I have also started dating again. Not really certain on what type of a relationship I want with a great man but some type of one. With school and work it doesn't leave alot of extra time for any fun but I am having the time of my life. Life is really good and I am happy and at peace mostly except for math. lol I have branched out and tried online dating. I have met alot of wonderful men and then some not so wonderful but life is full of that everywhere, this online dating thing seems to be the norm for the world so I am gingerly stepping my feet in and getting them wet. As I said I am having the time of my life.
  Finally my little studio is being put together once again. The lure of the jewelry siren has been calling for quite some time. I knew I would never be able to stay away for long. I wanted to settle in and get use to going to school and working before I started back in the studio. I know time will be a big issue for me so I am sorta of going to master some of the techniques I've already learned and try out some new ones. I think my creations will be one of a kinds mostly. I find repeating designs very boring and not stimulating. I want to always enjoy my creating not think its something I have to do. Still putting a few things in order so I am going to finish that up and start creating once again. Also life has blessed me with the online dating thing to meet a wonderful fellow artist who is also a jewelry artist. He specializes in casting so we will be working on several projects together so you will be seeing some of that cross these pages. I have also met a wonderful photographer who does some unbelievable work. Funny how we have all met through a online dating site see you can find friends everywhere in life if you look for them.
     On the home stuff I am starting my redecorating. I just completed my first DIY project which may not seem like much to some people but when you are on a shoestring budget its the small things that count alot. I replaced the toilet seat in the master bath yeah I know not to exciting but it was a lesson . I never knew there were screws under those little caps, lol. Its completed, its mine and I did it all by myself and I am darn proud of it. All I can say is check Pinterest its the coolest place ever I have alot of  ideas of stuff from there in my head check out my boards Nancy4133, bye everyone