Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life's Little Messengers

Do you often have an animal cross your path and wonder if it has a special meaning to you at the precise moment in your life? I do believe this to be true. Yesterday on my journey through my day I encountered a red tail hawk. Now you have to understand I do live in the country in the farmlands of America. John Deere tractors like kind of place. Anyhow I was on my way to meet someone and there he sits up on a lightpost. Now of course me being me has to stop and really look at him I mean come on mother nature at her finest in the greatest moment of a national geographic moment, truly it didn't mean anything that I was on a country road in the my area of the words I just stopped my car and checked him out . Now of course he wasn't to impressed by the human gawker so he flew to the next light pole and I followed stopping once again to gaze in his splendor.He was magnificent so strong and powerful looking I was very impressed. So on my way I went in amazement of having this encounter. Which brings me now to the topic of this post Beliefs life's little messages. Of course like any good computer info seeking person I searched to see what this could possibly mean for me. Well according to info seeking person like myself  the red tail hawk means to prioritize and eliminate distractions. Hmmm well this is definitely food for thought. I just wish I knew exactly which part of my life it applies to maybe its my whole life. Interesting, does anyone else know of any special meanings of a red tail hawk sighting. He really was awesome. I feel very honored that he allowed me to observe him so closely. 

Ah the pictures of Sue's visit

The stone is one of mine that I had previously cut it's a chrysocolla. This was made of copper and silver and brass. A mixed metal cuff. She went to her family reunion with a finished piece of new jewelry.