Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art of the Day

During my art of the day journey I follow several great people who have their own blogspots. The UmberDove gave us a wonderful recipe for making Honey Wheat bread with flax seed. So that morning off I went an gathered all the ingredients needed. I came and went to the kitchen and got started right away. First I mixed everything following the recipe exactly, an Yes I did taste the dough and it was good. Did your mom ever tell you not to eat dough that it would give you worms my mom did, and I never go worms must have been one of the sayings.
Anyhow the bread was put to rise, now I got busy and forgot about the bread and of course Daisy found it and promptly ate it, and then of course she threw it up thank goodness I wasn't here for that lil clean-up whew! yuck! Now I am going to repeat this whole experiment for the Tuesday art of the day so check back then.

Hurrah Success

In the previous blog hopefully you read of the problem with uploading the pictures. The technique I had tried was puttins silver dots on a copper surface to make perhaps a bracelet or a ring band to feature in my shop on etsy. Mision accomplished with the assistance of some wonderful artists on Aspiring Metalsmiths Etsy Team thank you everyone you are the greatest. The pictures show the process that I went through.

War with the Blogsite

I honestly have been doing my Art a Day, I have been having a little issue with posting some pics for you to see, so here's goes another attempt. Please may the force be with me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art for the Day

My next art for the day project was another pair of baby blue pj's which are the most comfortable oh man are they also nice and warm, believe me it does g et cold in Florida. I have a secret project to show you next week of course unitl my daughter recieves her present you can't see it yet sorry. Well this is the first RAW (Ring a Week Project) yeah I took that challenge as well, will show that this week so get ready, I have been so lazy this week in the studio. Time to get busy in there again. So stay in touch should be a good week.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Art a Day Project 1

I decided a few days ago to expand my artistic talents by challenging myself to create something artistic a day to include anything and everything . Todays project I used some material and a pattern I already had on hand to create a pair of pj's for hanging out comfortable at home in. They were easy to make and it has been sometime since I took the time to sit down and sew anything fun so here they are, isn't the ruffled bottoms of the pants leg cute?

The great RAW

Yes I am making another commitment this time for a ring a week. So hang on and lets get started going into the studio now to find an idea check back for an update. I will be listing additional blogsites to check out for the entries as well.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Cuff of Mixed Metals

I am always saying I am going to do some more mix metals designs and somehow i never get to it, so here is the start of that mission. This is a cuff composed of sterling silver and copper, I have used the technique of fusing for the designs pieces using recycled silver  and some scrap pieces of silver I had saved for a purpose. So what do you think?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year Begins

Ah for all of us a new yeaf begins for all of us, bringing new challenges and changes but is't that what life is all about for us. I am starting this new year with going back to school, continuing on to learning more about the techniques I have studied in the various classes I have taken over the years. Now is a time for all of us to settle back and work on ourselves our economy is going crazy all the issues everyone faces everyday to try to make ends meet and survive these times we live on. It's definetly one of those glass half full or half empty I choose to half full and work on filling up the other half.
On one of my journeys into the Saturday Market here in Jax I saw some wonderful little birds that were filled with lavender, unfortunately I could not find any info on these little birds so I go to the big internet of the world in search of them and guess what, I found something I could use see I wanted to put some of these little birds in my linen closet and through out my home so here is the info I found hopefully you can use it , now if you don't sew you can find them in I think March at the market under the bridge here in Jax or email me and I will send some info to you on them of course you still have to wait until March. Here is the site  there are lots of folks on that sell the lavender in fact this lady may sell them on her site on the flickr info . Good Luck enjoy the new year and bring it on with  some positive attitude!