Sunday, November 10, 2019

     Ah it's been a moment since I stepped away so much has changed in my life in the last few years. There has been major surgeries, changes in all areas. I have once again stepped into my jewelry studio to try to begin again that journey I started so long ago. At this moment I am focusing on stamping jewelry. I am so inspired by the love of Native American jewelry and have always been. Their art hits me right to my soul, I will have to work hard to get my creations that are so inspired by their pieces of wearable art to any kind of a acceptable level for myself. Its odd I have never been a perfectionist before but since I have started stamping the need for it to match up has become a strong factor in my work. Oh my gosh there is so much I want to do. I keep hearing in my head these strong words "Patience grasshopper patience" which of course has never been one of my many strong points in life
     Last few months i have worked on a set of Native American Inspired Silver Pearls some also call them Navajo Pearls but since I am not a navajo I don't think that is okay to call them that. A lot of my jewelry that I  make is inspired by this wonderful culture and art of the Native American People. I think it appeals to me so much that they made their art with such few actual tools that they didn't create themselves out of other materials. This is so fascinating to me, reminds me of my life as I was growing up seeing my father do this we always called it the "Make Do Thing". Going to town for spare parts was like a 15 or a 25 mile one way trip and a farmer doesn't have that much time to waste in a day so it make do with something else to fix this or that. What i have been creating lately

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Return of the Missing

Well hello everyone I am back in the saddle on the road to bringing my art out of the closet and it feels pretty darn good. Those of you who have traveled with me on this life journey know just about all of the ups and downs of my life on this journey. A couple of months ago I started to feel the pull of the studio and the cabbing shop. As we all know those of us who take these little hiatus from time to time always come back when the siren of creativity calls us we simply answer and I did just that. these are currently in my etsy shop And yes finally got a new name, next step is a new banner to go along with it. I discovered some new rock called Kaleidoscope and its awesome. Working on some new cabs for the shop so welcome aboard if you are new and if you have been hanging with me on this journey of discovery of alot of different things that are metaphysical or spiritual or a free tutorial here and there or just in discovery of new metalsmithing techniques or rediscovering old ones. If you have any new things you would like for us to try out just let me know and we can all start a journey together. I am working on getting the metalsmithing studio up and running again so lets go folks start a journey together.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's happened again another wild animal crossing my path

     What is up with all this I keep asking myself. My life has taken a lot of turns in the latter years in different directions so maybe I should expect the unusual to take place once again. I am a spiritual person, I practice mindfulness on a daily basis and I am always in search of peace of mind. So let me tell you this story.
     First of all this is a rough moment in my life the beginning of a new semester at college, hurt my back pulled muscles, lots of lil issues in my personal life going haywire. On my way from one of these haywire issues I encounter a wild boar on the side of the road. He just crosses over in front of me like it's nothing casually walks across the road and starts down the road in my direction that I am driving. I'm like wow is this unbelievable or what in broad daylight he's just walking around like its no big deal. Now me being the superstitious person I am just had to rush home and see what this symbolic meaning has in store for me. Well I'm certainly hoping he's a spirit guide for me because I sure could use all his strength right about now. Look it up very interesting reading. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life's Little Messengers

Do you often have an animal cross your path and wonder if it has a special meaning to you at the precise moment in your life? I do believe this to be true. Yesterday on my journey through my day I encountered a red tail hawk. Now you have to understand I do live in the country in the farmlands of America. John Deere tractors like kind of place. Anyhow I was on my way to meet someone and there he sits up on a lightpost. Now of course me being me has to stop and really look at him I mean come on mother nature at her finest in the greatest moment of a national geographic moment, truly it didn't mean anything that I was on a country road in the my area of the words I just stopped my car and checked him out . Now of course he wasn't to impressed by the human gawker so he flew to the next light pole and I followed stopping once again to gaze in his splendor.He was magnificent so strong and powerful looking I was very impressed. So on my way I went in amazement of having this encounter. Which brings me now to the topic of this post Beliefs life's little messages. Of course like any good computer info seeking person I searched to see what this could possibly mean for me. Well according to info seeking person like myself  the red tail hawk means to prioritize and eliminate distractions. Hmmm well this is definitely food for thought. I just wish I knew exactly which part of my life it applies to maybe its my whole life. Interesting, does anyone else know of any special meanings of a red tail hawk sighting. He really was awesome. I feel very honored that he allowed me to observe him so closely. 

Ah the pictures of Sue's visit

The stone is one of mine that I had previously cut it's a chrysocolla. This was made of copper and silver and brass. A mixed metal cuff. She went to her family reunion with a finished piece of new jewelry. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Wow that is all I could think to call this post. The studio is up and running. There is still alot of tweaking it to get it just right but it is workable. Sometimes all you need in life is a friend to make it all better and she came my friend Sue from Atlanta. Its after midnight and we sit here making jewelry just like old times although we need our other friends, Amy, Nancy and Jill but we are managing. Its so much fun when you create with a a friend. She sits there just making jewelry like she has never stopped although she hasn't touch a bench in a few years its all coming back to her here in my lil make shift studio made of second hand stuff and casts off on a college student budget even though I"m 54 years old. lol. We are creating that's all that is important. I've made a pair of di x's gold earrings tomorrow I have to drive to town which is 30 minutes away to buy peroixide to make a mixture to clean the nu gold in not suppose to put it in pickle my other friend tells me.  Sue is working in cold connections of course she using one of my cabochons Ive created I will take some pics when they are done and post them here on the site. Hurrah I am happy in my new lil studio Im back to creating. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I've Survived

     Yes I have survived all of it. All the drama has led me on a path of self discovery and man am I learning new stuff everyday. I won't lie and say its been easy cause it hasn't. Let's catch up shall we? The first semester at the new college has ended with me doing good in my classes which were Elementary Algebra, and a Psych class. Yes I had to start the whole Algebra process all over again since each college has rules about classes that are prep classes when you transfer. Oh well I will just learn it a little bit more . The college was good took my first online class man  I loved it so much easier than actually going to a class it was great. Now we are on to the second semester here , yes I'm once again doing an summer semester. Of course this time I am trying something new, taking three classes two online and one in the class room. Hopefully if all goes well I will be finished with core classes this time next year Hurrah.
     I am working again, which is a good thing, I am blessed to be able to enjoy my job. I work with a great group of girls all of us on our own personal missions in life. Very blessed in that area. I have made alot of new friends since I've moved here as well as meeting up again with old ones from the day of high school. which is really cool I think.
     I have also started dating again. Not really certain on what type of a relationship I want with a great man but some type of one. With school and work it doesn't leave alot of extra time for any fun but I am having the time of my life. Life is really good and I am happy and at peace mostly except for math. lol I have branched out and tried online dating. I have met alot of wonderful men and then some not so wonderful but life is full of that everywhere, this online dating thing seems to be the norm for the world so I am gingerly stepping my feet in and getting them wet. As I said I am having the time of my life.
  Finally my little studio is being put together once again. The lure of the jewelry siren has been calling for quite some time. I knew I would never be able to stay away for long. I wanted to settle in and get use to going to school and working before I started back in the studio. I know time will be a big issue for me so I am sorta of going to master some of the techniques I've already learned and try out some new ones. I think my creations will be one of a kinds mostly. I find repeating designs very boring and not stimulating. I want to always enjoy my creating not think its something I have to do. Still putting a few things in order so I am going to finish that up and start creating once again. Also life has blessed me with the online dating thing to meet a wonderful fellow artist who is also a jewelry artist. He specializes in casting so we will be working on several projects together so you will be seeing some of that cross these pages. I have also met a wonderful photographer who does some unbelievable work. Funny how we have all met through a online dating site see you can find friends everywhere in life if you look for them.
     On the home stuff I am starting my redecorating. I just completed my first DIY project which may not seem like much to some people but when you are on a shoestring budget its the small things that count alot. I replaced the toilet seat in the master bath yeah I know not to exciting but it was a lesson . I never knew there were screws under those little caps, lol. Its completed, its mine and I did it all by myself and I am darn proud of it. All I can say is check Pinterest its the coolest place ever I have alot of  ideas of stuff from there in my head check out my boards Nancy4133, bye everyone