Sunday, November 18, 2012

The new techniques update

     Well as most of you know I am going on a mission to try out some new techniques. The is an ongoing journey for me, there is so much to learn in the metalsmithing creative process. So many new things to try to learn and master if you are lucky enough. Since the return to my farm I have very limited places to go to take classes so must of my learning is going to have to be self taught using the web, wonderful friends who are willing to pass on info and mostly just trial and error although having an established research library is a plus. That is something I personally think all of us need, I am constantly returning to these books as my thirst for knowledge is great. Although I will say as I become more knowledgeable in metalsmithing I discover that often books leave out information on some topics which I find rather annoying. 
    The technique I have been working with is stamping on metal. Sounds simple enough doesn't it well not quite so simple depending on which approach you take. Me I am a nonconformist I do not follow rules very well, to free spirited I guess. There are a some artists work that I find so inspiring now his work is totally awesome, I don't know if Hoss just randomly knows how to place these fantastic designs of his or if he is structured and disciplined and measures where and when each stamp goes but his work is totally mind blowing and is one of the true inspirational artist to me. After seeing his work I knew I had to learn and try out this technique please go and check out his work, as well as Rochelle does stamping as well as etching on her jewelry which is fantastic. Her designs mimic mother nature. Rochelle was kind enough to give advice to me on stamping. I think its great when another artist is welling to part with information and not be scared that someone is going to steal their ideas to me this shows their strength and confidence in their abilities as artists gosh if I worked day and night it would take me a hundred years to even be close to the level of these two artist, their work speaks for itself.

     Any how yesterday  I finished up my first stamping project, with a little bit of success. I did get the stamps on the metal reasonably well. I did learn that I need to maybe mark where I want some of the stamps to go. At the bottom of my earrings I put a pair of horseshoes, well they did not match up very well but thats okay it's a learning experience and next time I will be a bit more careful. They were fun and I love the southwestern feel to them since I am spending more time in the studio I find my designs going more into the southwest area of design well I do live in horse country down here in FL and my farm is located in the rural farming area . I also finally stepped back into the cabbing studio so here are some cabs I created yesterday not bad since I haven't touched  the cabber in three months. Although I do not know what stone the brown one is , it was just a few slabs I had collected from somewhere when I went on my graphic shopping spree a few years ago. Anyone knows please tell me, lol. Oh I still need to add the hooks on the earrings. The other stone is Amazonite  one of my favorite stones. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Trying out new things Project 1

This first project is STAMPING ON METAL:

20 ga copper scrap
stamping tools bought on etsy at
and another supplier I use
these are excellent suppliers highly recommend them!

Liver of sulphur in the bottle
hot water (warmed in the microwave then added LOS)

Brass hammer, I also use this one for punching out disks and dapping.

Here goes , cut the copper I just used a scrap I had since I am experimenting with this technique. I just randomly stamped the design now I know you can plan it all out and get it just so so and perfect but that"s not me. Sorry. I wondered about annealing the metal but thought that may have made the metal to soft to stamp on. Please always remember the hand should be at the end of the hammer when holding it to get the power from the blow to your object. I only hit once. I loved it.

Once the design was stamped I placed a cup of hot water in the microwave and heated it for 1 min , dropped in 5 or 6 drops of LOS(Liver of sulphur) into the cup and dropped in the practice piece. In just seconds it was black. I like using LOS lots of folks don't but I wanted the stamping to show up . Personally I use the green scrubby things you can get at the grocery store for removing the liver of sulphur and it also gives the metal a matte finish which I like instead of the shiny.

In the photos you can see the process I took ,
I see design ideas with this technique , If you have any questions please just ask and I will help if I can. 

It's Been a Moment in Time

Well finally I decided to reopen my blog. I know it's about time, Life often throws us little ups and downs and we learn to flow with them or mostly how to survive them. That's were I am surviving or at least making a heck of an attempt. I have moved once more how home to my farm where I am safe and secure, snuggled in the nature surrounding me . I am starting to pick at the jewelry supplies a little bit, feeling the pull and the lure of my bench. I just kind of brought all of it and just dumped it and tried to forget about it for a while. All artists know we must take a break from time to time, we are such emotional creatures and I think maybe a little bit more sensitive than most people. Our feelings are always so intense no half way measures for us, its full out total emotional impact. So I have picked myself up and dusted myself off, returned to cutting hair for a living, enrolled in college for the spring quarter. Now its time to do some jewelry. I think I am going to concentrate on the unique one of a kind stuff that I so like to make. I have bought some stamps lately may incorporate them into some designs we will see. I still want to flow with the southwest design ideas that constantly flow through my brain, begging to be created into jewelry. Gotta go dig out my stones I feel turquoise or maybe some chrysocolla coming out of the box to put into design elements. We will soon see.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

     I am sorry I have been MIA for a moment in time, going through personal issues not of my creating I might add just the recipient of issues. I have returned to my farm to heal and get going with life once again, I simply refuse to ever move again. I have purged and then purged some more. I am a collector of stuff, oh yeah lots of stuff I really do need to make my art. This creative process is a reason to collect stuff. I really think if I cabbed all the rock I own it would take many lifetimes for me to do it all . Simply to much stuff. So I am getting rid of it. Just that simple , getting rid of it. I have already donated or thrown away stuff . As a fiber artist you collect yes fabric. After a moment in time you actually start making fabric of your own, gosh I was afraid soon I was going to be planting cotton , but I stopped in time. Now its rock to dispose of lots of beautiful colorful rock Oh well anyhow I haven't been kidnapped by aliens just busy relocating for the third time in four years but no more I simply refuse to move or fall in love anytime soon. I keep reminding myself I am a survivor .

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally time in the studio

     The end of the summer semester is coming to an end, thank goodness. I will have a wonderful two week break in between this and fall semester of school and it's studio time, hurrah!!! As most of you know I seldom talk about my  family and friends although I am truly blessed with wonderful ones each of them. My daughter who has worked very hard at getting her RN license has finished up and she is now an RN. I wanted to create something for her that was special to her and this child always wants jewelry, she loves it as much as I do. Usually she gets the first of anything I create it's just the way it happens in life. I started a set of stacker rings for her some time back and have been adding to them one by one, well she's about to get a bundle of six of them. I know she will love them and its going to be so funny because she will see this blog and know they are coming with me tomorrow and she will be dying of anticipation , mmm I wonder how long before she calls me squealing about them,lol. You will get to see them first and here they are. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Follow up on Doodling

There is this artist whose work I just love, its so moving and I get to follow the blog here on my site and I always enjoy the work so much that I am going to share with you. Oh how I envy the talent represented here I am so in awe. Now don't get me wrong this is art at greatness not like my lil doodles I do oh I so wish I had this talent oh boy do I. Enjoy the art of the site its totally fab!

Do you doodle

     I love to doodle do you? Since returning to school I often find myself lost in my doodles, just making little designs for no apparent reason, concentrating just lost in my thoughts. My mind goes in a different place, a place of lines and dots and dashes , black ink and oh my favorite of things to draw , mmms. yes I love to draw eyes don't know why or even when I started doing this in my life I just did. My first memories of drawing were actually of just writing my name, absentmindedly on a piece of paper over and over again. Who knows what a shrink would say to this but oh well. Then one day I just started drawing eyes , lots of eyes. Now they did have great eye lashes and eyebrows but yes they were only eyes. Well now I find myself actually adding noses and mouths always in a side profile , Then suddenly one day I remembered my mom who was a fantastic drawing lady just drew faces like this, maybe somehow since I spent so much time with her this somehow translated over to me, Life is a strange thing at times. So one who can't leave well enough alone did a little bit of investigating and still working on the intrigue of the doodling . Well while trolling for info I came across this and I am going to order the book and see where it takes me ,  Check it out When I get brave I will share some of my doodles with you. Till then keep creating its what keeps us all sane. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sometimes raising a family is REALLY hard

     I travel down a busy highway to go to school everyday and my highlight of the day is couple of events . One event is that I get to pass over a lake , truly it's always beautiful always every day even in the storms it is beautiful. My other favorite site is a nest on top of a light pole that I have watched from its very first beginnings. I first noticed some native floridian spanish moss hanging from it, that was my first sighting of what will follow. Now remember I pass by this light pole which is at a busy intersection of a major highway here in Mt Dora. Then the next sighting was by far one of the most fascinating. Here I am sitting waiting for the light to change , then up from the tree flies this big bird with a 3 foot limb a fat limb at that in his mouth crossing the intersection in the air, he just lands and sorta drops the limb onto the pole that is now becoming a little bit more full with stuff on top. Yes you are right he was building his nest or his wife was. This began my saga of daily birdwatching at the light , I actually hope the light will stop me . lol Now time has gone by most times one bird sits on the nest the other perches just a few light poles away from the nest. They have gone through intense heat and two tropical storms and daily rain and thunderstorms here in florida for about the last month I mean every day it rains and storms with the heat so high.They have endeared all of this daily. They live in a nest perched upon a super high light pole looking down on lots of traffic daily this is their life and they are raising their babies.I finally got a peek at the babies yesterday while stopped at the light. It was an amazing moment in my life. I want a live feed cam up on that pole so I can see them better, they have become my inspiration for life this pair of Osprey's. The babies are getting big now I have seen them approach the edge of the nest and my heart is so scared for them gosh I hope they don't fall out. I continue to watch daily  this lil families struggle to survive in the wild on a high light pole that is probaly not more than two feet wide and a gazillions of miles off the ground , above exhaust fumes and intense weather conditions and still they thrive, they have adjusted to living in our world somehow and we get to share the wonder and the amazement of their struggle to survive .

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finding cool stuff on etsy!

I simply love etsy. I love seeing all the really cool interesting creations people make and love all the old vintage treasures you find there. Etsy is the best entertainment around especially if you live in Mt Dora Fl. Another story for another day. Okay back to etsy , while I was doing my brain downer from homework I search etsy and check out facebook and my flickr and all this cool stuff that keeps me somewhat sane from doing math homework Algebra totally sucks trust me. So here is my coolest  find for the moment  I think these are the coolest thing I have maybe ever found on etsy, I love them gotta have some of these babies , are they the wow or what ? Made me laugh my self crazy I love them . Okay folks not making jewelry these days trying to get through this summer madness of school , for certain the last summer I ever spend at school . Duh? Oh well something else to put on my knownledge list of information in life experiences. Summer school gotta love it. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Things that make you smile in life

Do you find a little smile sliding across your face ever so often, along with a lil chuckle. I often photgraph  unusual stuff. And sometime I am really lucky in my meandering through life travels to find some really cool stuff like these. I love the lil spotted donkey he is so cute, I have seen a spotted one before. I am working on a series of southwest jewelry and started collecting photos for inspiration, he is part of the series photos I am using to work from for inspiration. The flowers above him are Flocks, they grow wild here in Florida as a child I use to pick handfuls for my mom to set on the table, they always bring back such wonderful memories once I even tried to transplant some of course they didn't live, they have to live in freedom in the unconfined world . The colt and his mom are my cousins , every other year he has a colt  it is so wonderful to watch the baby grow up, he keeps them by the road so all of us in the community can be apart of his growth I am sure his mom just loves us pulling off the road to admire her baby. The tree lined road is the road you turn onto that will eventually lead you to our farm, I have always loved coming home after traveling around in the world to this tree lined road I always felt like I was finally coming home when I turned on the road. I hope you enjoy my photos I am not a photographer oh I would love to study photography don't get me wrong I just don't have any extra time to give to doing it, time is in short order in my life right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week, I am still trying to find my way back to the bench it's been week since I Terrible I feel the loss greatly. Take care. nancy

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ah the summer begins

Oh how I wish I could take off for the summer, maybe just jump in a  car and just travel like a gypsy. Go places I have always wanted to go to. As I get older I think of the famous 'bucket list". Do you have one ? There is so many things I want to do and places I want to go, gazillions of them. I think I should try to accomplish a few of them this summer , this is something I will have to ponder, now that I am a student and just doing my etsy shops money is really tight and darn it always seems to take money to do stuff doesn't it. I will have to think on this one. Maybe just one thing on my list something cheap there must be something. 
I haven't been spending much time in the studio lately. Still messing with my pods, I can't seem to get myself satisfied with them somehow. I look at them and now they seem big for earrings anyhow to me they do. but a group of them in a pendant would be cool, I saw something like them in a design thought way in a zine and I could join them for a pendant, interesting thought, but since I am not into to making replicas of something to many times that may present a problem, they are suppose to be fun an experiment not something to stress over.   The one thing I hope to be able to do this summer is some more experiments on techniques , I am such a mad scientist when it comes to jewelry. I love to experiment see how far my imagination will take me. Time of course is my enemy is it yours too? Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to successfully manage this wild beast called time. I have just started my summer semester in school and once again math is the demon class I have to take. I so wish I could start to enjoy it but not happening ever I don't think , now I do enjoy learning and mastering the formulas of how to solve something. I must admit to this, but since I have two more semsesters of it I had better adjust to it hadn't I. There is so much studying to be done in math class, every day one must give it its due time of study. The college where I go has a fantastic learning center which is where I always do my homework so if I get stuck there is a tutor to help out man is this a life saver. whew. and I have a study group which also helps. The problem is there is no extra time left over and I have picked up this horrible habit of watching Law and Order and all those other shows like that on TV , I don't ever watch TV so what is up with this? Its like brain dumping, no thoughts , just watch no brainer I am getting to like this to much, so no bench time . I must make time for my bench , maybe I need a schedule that could perhaps help. Do you have any ideas you could share with me I would greatly appreciate it if you would send them to me truly . So in the meantime I will just try to discipline myself to making a little bench time here and there this week. After all this is how I make my living , making stones and jewelry duh, Nancy get with it. lol

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Pods in Progress

My lil pods continue to develop, their color has been added now the stamen is being put together, I couldn't stand it any longer I just had to polish them up and make them shiny , this was a hard decision to leave them matte or put a shine on them, the shine won. Oh well. now the stamens are a very pale pink druzy cabs , mine of course , free form sort a round set in high bezels don't know why but I thought this somehow fit the idea, I can not begin to tell you how long I have wanted to make these pods why who knows but time frame is forever they will be a part of my jewelry line, I can imagine all kinds of interesting things to do with them my mind is blazing with ideas, here is the latest photo's , I hope you have enjoyed coming along on this jewelry challenge with me, wait till you get  to see what we create in our next challenge , a lil hint its called the "Pink Cadillac" yeah for real interesting huh? So stay tune as we finish up this challenge hopefully tomorrow as it's my last day to cram for my math final and the last day to complete the challenge so it's work on the challenge take a break , study , take a break work on the challenge its going to be a long challenge, and then after my math test its on to the farm for a little R&R for a few days, got to get the blueberries ready for harvest time which is right around the corner, fresh blueberries my favorite. So check back in tomorrow as we finish up the challenge.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the middle of Finals

Oh yes I am in the middle of finals at college, yuck is all I can say for that . Lots of studying , don't know if the newbies who have joined know but a quick update, let's see divorce after a 31 year marriage, on my own for the first time except when I was 18 for a couple of months. I was a hairstylist for part of my life and several other things and tried to do styling again but after a stint with back issues and reoccuring hand issues it was a no go. So with little tools in my toolbox of life I have started back to college at 53 years of age to be independent and to be able to support myself. That about sums it up except for the fact I have two wonderful children both in their 30's , a son who is a kick butt tattoo artist and a daughter who has two degree's one in technical and just got her second one in Nursing, she is now a registered nurse I am so proud of my kids, also have three grandsons . So yes this was my first finals in 10 years whew I have forgotten alot,but that's okay. Just finished up my finals in computer now  I am doing one in math next week.
Now the other half of my life is jewelry artist, silversmith, lapadairy fiberartist, you name it. I love the art side of my life its the best part, Alot of you have followed me on this crazy journey I am on and I always welcome new people with open arms and yes please comment I love comments , love to hear from people.

As most of you know I belong to this fantastic team on etsy called the AspringArtists, they are the greatest of folks we share so much of our lives together. We had a challenge thrown out to all of us to set Druzy, I have never set a druzy so of course I was up for the challenge, now for awhile I have wanted to make this special design in a pair of earrings so I am inviting you along for design , construction and hopeful the great outcome of the earrings these are the step I have taken so far in the challenge , 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Still playing in the cabbing studio

     Today was a cabbing day, oh how I love those days, when I can just go into the zone and nothing else exists. My faithful dog babies hang with me in there while the breeze blows the leaves about for Bubba to give chase  which keeps him out of my rocks ( he like to carry them around in his mouth the nut, very dangerous some could harm him). Daisy just sits as good as gold never gets into anything oh how I love the quiet child, she is my treasure child. Today LULU which is what I call my cabbing machine she is old and tired but keeps on creating treasures with me especially now she has two new wheels to cut through rock with ,  anyhow she and I created some turquoise , drusy cobalto cabochons, hemimorphite druzy cabs, some beautiful BROWN moonstone which I love, weird considering brown is not a color I like to much . Although this is different I bought a couple of small slabs from a vendor at a show I went to. Little small slabs just to play with and some peach moonstone as well . These are fantastic I love them, they just glow and when you put them in the sunlight they have sparkle hidden deep in their depths like a special secret waiting for you to uncover, awesome wonderful pure delight. They were a stupendous find at the show.
     I really like turquoise its my favorite stone next to about a million other ones. lol I do actually sell cabs as well as jewelry in my sister shop Oh by the way umm see if you see a lil sea monster in the Rocky Butte jasper , I umm well see one but my teamies didn't so maybe it s my imagination which is always in full gear, do you see anything be honest let me know I am so interested in seeing if anyone sees him besides me , I see his bug eyes , nose and arms and the lil fins on his shoulders, oh well maybe I am the only one he shows himself too. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thank Goodness it's the end of the Week

Life is just ticking right along on its way with me just keeping up with it at every turn. Finally got a new wheel for my cabbing machine, sold some cabs a little bit of jewelry and one of my fantastic vintage hats not to mention some of my vintage fabric so life is going on pretty good. With all the time I spend studying I really miss my studio time. I have to fit it in here and there so when I get a good block of time I really go for it. I am still in my Turquoise Mode which is what I call it. I love turquoise all turquoise beautiful turquoise. So I pulled out some stuff that was in my UFO box and got to work and here are a few of the results.
I like the simple clean lines of these pieces, I wanted to showcase the stones. I think sometimes as artist we want lots of stuff on one the piece and it takes away from the stone, these cabs are my own that I have cabbed and I wanted them to pop out at folks because they are beautiful. I love them so much I almost didn't part with them but You know a girl has to eat although not doing much of that lately either. School is finishing up thankfully. I hate school but it is a means to an end that is all I don't have to like it just learn there. I need to be able to stand on my own, thats it in a nutshell. Who knows if I will ever use this degree , who cares I just need to have it to assert my independence as a woman an artist. It was on my list and I am checking it off. Won't be taking classes this summer due to a little health issue I have to deal with so at least I am getting a break.Have a great weekend . Oh I have a new Ditty in my life I now live by this rule.It's called the Rosa Effect, very simply it means no matter how irritated or aggravating life becomes you step back and follow the ROSA RULE: 1) Restructure whatever is making you crazy 2) Organize which is the at the core of everything if you want peace in your life. 3) Structure yeah you need some structure some foundation on which it build a peaceful life. 4) Act on it, yes that means put the above steps in order and get on with your life.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cooking is so good for the Soul

I love to cook hate to clean up afterwards umm yeah I am a messy cook but since I do the clean up I think its okay to be messy sane logic huh? Anyhow I love this recipe I have for homemade "Tomato Basil Soup" sometimes it a craving thing. Heres my recipe: Big Fat can of Tomato with Basil and organeo I thinks I use Hunts or Delmonte, fresh is better always use fresh in summer okay about a dozen of leaves of Fresh Basil (throw them in the blender, I do it this way then scrape them into sauce) Big container of Tomato Juice really big container. Throw all this into a processor and mix it together, then put it into a sauce pot, with a stick of real butter Yeah Paula Deen and a container of heavy cream yeah not a diet food here. simmer to whenever you can't wait any longer and eat it all up its great. Oh I also put some fresh grated from Sargentos artsian blend cheese. Great stuff.
On the what have I been doing recently well here are some pics made a pair of earrings for the site:
Also I have finally started destashing this unbelievable amount of jewelry supplies I have gathered so here is a little of them they are listed in the atticktreasures site which is my cabochon site where I sell my stones I make , these I didn't make but I was lucky enough to be in a situation to help out someone wnho was needing to sell supplies unfortunately due to health issues so we both came out winners of the deal and now I pass this on to others who are needing some stones for a Great Price. These are all real gemstones not lab created, or sythetics or anything way below prices of any supply house we order from.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sorry I forgot to tell you where to find it out didn't I a long day today this is where the destash is taking place , all my items will be here during the destash, now remember I do all kinds of art so there will be mixed medium , doll making supplies, I have some Susan O"Ryan Doll books that will be sold as well as some Patti Culea, ones and just all kinds of stuff now if you are looking for something special just let me know I probaly have it.

Destash Time for Cloth Lovers Everywhere

Its that time I am on one of my destash clean outs, this time fabric is on the block. Lots of really cool vintage 1940's feed or flour sac fabric, the prints and colors are so wonderful I use to do alot of fiberarts back in time, when I actually had time. I was a quilter, well then silversmithing came along and out the quilting and doll making went. So I am going to start offering my unbelievable stash of some of the coolest fabrics on earth and Doll making books , tibetian sheep hair gosh all kinds of supplies for sale hey even some mixed medium items just lots of odds and ends to everyone on etsy in this shop which is a part of me too. lol I will let everyone I can think of know whats going to hit the site so you can check back for it, all reasonably priced man I just have to much stuff, now hey it's all organized not like on horders or anything like that I have to have some kind of order to the casa okay. heres a glimpse of what is now on the site please check back I will be updating as often as I can Please don't be shy contact me on the site for additional bargains on multiples of something or if you need a discount or what I am easy to get along with. truly.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Saturday

Oh what a nice productive day I had today. I finally got some new earrings in the shop this weekend, hurrah! Just added this pair to the shop
Love this pair, will make a pair for myself for certain. I love earrings long dangle kind that swing when you move your head that kind and hoops love the hoops. I have been training our yellow lab some manners whew what a job once he turned a year old he went wild like crazy I am not going to listen to you wild. Well that's not cool when you have a 85 lb momma boy wanting to run wild. So last week we went to the feed store got a clicker thing, and some special dog treats just for training. he is doing so good really smart is my little blonde boy with his golden eyelashes he is so cute, even has these unbelievable golden eyes. He's learned to lay down and STAY put which was the main reason for training, he would run over you when you let him out. He's such an odd one, doesn't like being outside except to play or do his business, doesn't like water at all. told you odd duck and is never than 2 deet away from me at any time of day or night. Oh remember his name is Bubba /Baby Beast. Ideas flying like crazy in my head for jewelry but now its school study tme. I am on springbreak but I still have two test due as soon as we return. Stay tuned for more of Baby beast progress as he learns to behave and mind his manners.See Ya nancy

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Turquoise Earrings

Finally finished up a pair of new earrings for the etsy shop. Lately it seems to be so hard to ever get some bench time in the studio. I have been super busy studying at college which by the way I hate but have gotten over that little issue, I decided I really do need to go so chin up and get over yourself. Life is great lately except for a few health issues which will clear up or at settle down soon I hope. I am now determined to juggle everything which includes posting on this blog which I truly love to do. It's so much fun bringing you along with me on my adventures, life is never boring for me always something exciting going on. Well a couple of months back I talked about this book "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron if you don't have got to get it, its so inspirational for me and the theory does really work odd don't know how but it does. Now every morning you must these three dump pages actually I love them lets me get my day going without any emotional garbage hanging around. I have never experenced a artist block but I do know people who have this book is all into that and other stuff, I have way to many design ideas enough for at least two maybe three silversmiths. Frank and I did a little rearrainging in the studio last weekend hopefully we can do a little bit more this weekend I now have these fantastic shelves that I can put stuff on its wonderful. I have been working with some designs in earrings for a while now so this is the first of the group.
They are now available on the etsy site: There are several earrings that will be available as soon as I can finish them up. I am so seriously trying to clear the path for this design concept with an alligator skute involved. Gosh I love the Swamp People those folks are fearless almost as good as the Moonshiners but not quite and my all time Friday nite date is Goldrush where they dig for gold wouldn't that be fun to do. I hope that is the name of the show , not bad for a girl who doesn't watch TV. Anyhow on the making of the alligator skute pendant you will be joining me along with each process gonna be fun be there for it. Updates will be coming in the meantime if anyone can come up with a great name to call it let us all know here on the blog just leave a comment all comments on the name will be published, I promise no gators were killed in the making of this pendant , this is a fossilized alligator skute found in the Peace River here in Florida. So start thinking of a name for it. this is the components so far for the piece.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Ring to the Nancycreations site on etsy

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This is a new ring that was just added to my collection on the site. I have long been a little intimated by setting faceted stones. These buggers are so much smaller than my usual huge stones and they like to fly all over the place when you try to set them. So I think I have it down now, only set faceted stones while sitting on the floor makes them easier to find. Must use the most powerful earwear you can find no matter what it is, duct tape a microscope to your forhead if necessary nothing is out of the question. A new experience this setting faceted stones, I enjoyed the experience not sure I want to do alot of it but maybe depends. This ring features a Peridot , August birthstone, made it in honor of St Paddys day, still miss the good old ST Paddy parade in Atlanta one year I am so off to the Savannah one which is supposed to be great. Add mardi gra to that wish list to. So much left to do in my life, places to go and see. Still looking for a good workshop for the summer , top leading places are Arrowmount, Penland and a cool one in California not sure yet where I am going , got to make a decision soon. I am so on for a class with Julia Woodman in Atlanta this summer may go hang with her at Penland, there is a forging workshop that looks promising. Decisions, yuck I have decided that since I go to college like a good girl I need to let my hair down at a artist class as well during the summer that's my reward for doing my homework like a good girl. On one last note check out these cool faces on this sculpture in the Manatee Art Center

Birthday Wish Continues

You what I find the most interesting about living in Florida is how visitors that come here really don't understand that if there is a body of water anywhere near where you are standing there's probaly a gator in it for real. Especially if you see this
This is why when in Florida you don't let your labs play in the water unless you want to feed a gator. People that live on the rivers here actually feed gators like they are ducks a big no no. These are wild animals , preditors, will eat you and your little dog Dorothy please be careful while visiting here. Florida is a beautiful wonderful place lovely weather great native people these Floridians I am one, come from generations of them. I see people walking their dogs near rivers , creeks , canals, lakes, ponds all the time not a good idea folks, so everyone coming to visit us here in Florida we do have gators here everywhere please be careful and keep Fido and Fifi on leashes and away from the water. The gator featured in these photos is one of five local gator residents at a great restaurant in Bradenton