Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tomorrow is the Holiday

     All is quiet and peaceful here at the homefront, the tooth is getting better poor Frank grilled me spareribs today and I couldn't even eat them it was still a little bit painful. That sucked totally. Daisy and Bubba went for their first walk since Daisy surgery for spaying. They really enjoyed  it alot just a short little stroll to get them out of the house. They had alot of fun especially Bubba who now weighs in at 43 pounds and is only  4 1/2 months old. He is so massive a true brute but so silly and goofy. He is terrible he jumps on the couch from four feet away he is so strong and powerful we have got to slow him down someway. Lots of training ahead for him I see in the future. I am enjoying our little holiday except for the tooth issue, each day it seems to get a little better. Next week it's back to work and to school, the normal life we have created here, It does not seem possible we have lived here almost a year time is just marching on so quickly it scary at times wish I could just slow down the clock a small bit at a time. This has become one of the best years of my life with all it's up and downs changes, but its been good , blessed with Frank my lil baby dogs, children, grandchildren, a good boss to work with, and great people to work with, a great teacher at school and lots of other wonderful things. I always believe one should enjoy life to its fullest as if  it's your last day on earth because sooner or later it will be. thats life accept it we are all terminal in this world , take time to laugh love dance a little , have fun smille enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hanging in for the Fourth of July Celebration

Frank and I are just hanging around the house, Daisy just got spayed and I had the root canal so its lets take it easy time, kind of like a mini vacation at home. We are doing some BBQ , checking out my supply of stones for my show that is coming up in the fall. Man has Ocean Jasper gone up in price, whew I was shocked, of course there is no more collecting it and when you could collect it was only found in Madagascar and by boat only you couldn't move it by land it was to rough. Thank goodness I keep a stash of rocks mountain high because I do sell cabs. This weeks choice will be turquoise, ocean jasper, chrysocolla, sodalite, and pink stuff. I can't wait to get started already have a game plan so in the fall I will have lots of cabs different sizes , shapes, colors all new and shiny. WEEEEE! Also some sonora sunset found my stash of that also. Lots of pretties coming these will be on the atticktreasures. etsy. com site for purchase .