Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun on Friday!

What a wonderful Friday it is, lots of creating going on. The nancycreations site on etsy is featuring some new earrings folks check it out and see for yourself. I have finally tried to schedule some time in the studio to make some jewelry. For me it's always a battle between studios, I have wanted to work on some new texture techniques, and creating a little different style of jewelry. I think as an artist you have to step out of your comfort zone and try something new all the time so you don't get stuck. In the oncoming weeks that is what I want to try to find some time to do. Any input you would like to add is welcome and that doesn't have to always be in the positive form.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday

Good day folks, sorry I haven't blogged lately been kind of busy planting peach orchards and making wonderful cabochons for the atticktreasures site on etsy. I must now take the time to thank all of you on this new adventure I have undertaken.The new rocks arrive almost daily now and I seem to be spending a fair amount of time at the post office sending cabochons to you so I am keeping busy. I have wanted to make some earring cabochons for years and I am finally taking on that project, presently I am waiting on a special blade for my 4inch saw that will make that possible so get ready. Please take a look at the new site and tell me what you think, for years I only made Big stones well now I make all sizes of stones a little something for everyone I do still however seek out the unusual ones oh I like the common variety too and do them as well but I really like the cool stuff you don't see everyday, well it's out to the cabber to do some more then I want to make some cool jewelry today for the other site nancycreations also on etsy. See you later.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Monday Morning Blues

Oh gosh it's Monday the start of another week, decisions on what to cab or to make jewelry instead ah decisions, decisions, etc.!!!! Yesterday as I was picking up sticks for my fire pit, oh that is another subject we will get out of the way , I have built myself a fire pit, a artsy fartsy firepit of sorts real easy to do just make a square with 4 cement blocks also you dig a little hole and whammy you got a fire pit redneck style or not selling any jewelry on etsy style at the moment. Then you recycle and clean up the yard at the same time by picking up all the sticks and burning them in the firepit. Okay now back to my original thought pattern, while enjoying picking up sticks I also noticed the wonderful surrounding in which I live and thought I would share it with you so here's some pics hope you enjoy them in the following pics you will see a) cow jewelry maybe a new thing for us jewelmakers, B) cow having a bad hair day just like us humans C) baby calf checking out the stalker (me) D) cows saying BYE end of the blog for the day haha!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stones for Atticktreasures

Don't know what went wrong with the last post no pictures came through so I am trying again.

The Cabochons are coimg to Atticktreasures

Oh I am so excited to be cabbing again, I have purchased some really great rough rock to cab to make some really cool cabs. Life it seems has to decided to connect me with all the widows of past cabbers to buy their treasures once again, I lucked up and got some really neat stuff in a box from a sweet lady who really didn't quite know what to do with her husbands stuff so I helped her sort through it and identify some of it and she allowed me to get first hand choice of it. He had a slab unfortunately only this one of ocean picture jasper it was so old the tape with its name had turned yellow, it came from British Columbia enclosed is a picture of it. The colors are wonderful and all I could think of was a perfect name for it because it does look like the ocean.I couldn't wait to do the first cab as you can see, I also purchased some pilabaro jasper which comes from Australia, the graphics are so bold on this stone very interesting and the colors are a mixture of bright oranges and golds and reds although some of the colors were somewhat muted so i cut that part off it didn't interest me. Here are some of the pictures you can see, these stones will be on the tonite to purchase plus some other ones. If it's okay with everyone I would like to ask you to please comment back and let me know how you feel about the stones, what size cabs you like , colors and that sort of thing, I know with the price of silver getting so much higher these days it has certainly made me downsize my jewelry somewhat but how about you let me know what you think please.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grand Opening of

Well it's up and running hurray! I have finally gotten a site so everyone can get some cabochons for making jewelry. In Atlanta I opened shop in a wonderful jewelry supply shop with wonderful tools Just For Fun if you are ever there go check it out. Anyway I was there every Saturday to sell my cabochons and fossils well since I moved to Florida my old customers couldn't get my stones so I opened an additional site on etsy for them. The store is called AttickTreasures because I seem to be destined to purchase rock from collectors wives, seems like someone is always calling me to buy a loved ones treasures so thats why its called that. I must admit I love cabbing as much as silversmithing so I am enjoyed doing the stones again.
DAISY UPDATE; On Thursday Daisy will go to have her stitches removed it's been a long wait trust me I made her a new bone toy out of canvas cloth and then later I bought her a Easter toy , Then I decorated her surgery collar so it would be cutier sending you a picture, here it is.