Monday, March 16, 2009

Whats coming out this weekend at JFF

Hi everyone well lets see the finger has healed and i am back at cabbing again. Coming out this weekend at JFF will lots of new stones Labdorite, drusy, petrified palmwood several colors, lots of other new stones. I am getting stocked up before the super red slash sale coming up still uncertain of what the sale date will be but i will lets you know , as you know occasionally i will get sick of seeing the same stones in the trays so it will be time for them to go so that is where the super red slash prices will come into play i will put a red slash through these stones and offer them at 50% off so there will be lots of bargains for everyone and more space for me to put the new stones that i am cabbing so stay in touch for the sale i will try to let everyone know when its coming up thanks see everyone at JFF this weekend this sale will extend to the stones that are on etsy as well . Hope everyone got a chance to go to the ACC show it was great as always my personal favorites were the belt buckle dude which had some fantastic buckles and Elaine Rader who is fantastic love her style of jewelry.