Thursday, July 25, 2013


Wow that is all I could think to call this post. The studio is up and running. There is still alot of tweaking it to get it just right but it is workable. Sometimes all you need in life is a friend to make it all better and she came my friend Sue from Atlanta. Its after midnight and we sit here making jewelry just like old times although we need our other friends, Amy, Nancy and Jill but we are managing. Its so much fun when you create with a a friend. She sits there just making jewelry like she has never stopped although she hasn't touch a bench in a few years its all coming back to her here in my lil make shift studio made of second hand stuff and casts off on a college student budget even though I"m 54 years old. lol. We are creating that's all that is important. I've made a pair of di x's gold earrings tomorrow I have to drive to town which is 30 minutes away to buy peroixide to make a mixture to clean the nu gold in not suppose to put it in pickle my other friend tells me.  Sue is working in cold connections of course she using one of my cabochons Ive created I will take some pics when they are done and post them here on the site. Hurrah I am happy in my new lil studio Im back to creating. 

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