Monday, March 28, 2011

For the Love Of Gemstones

Well what do you think of  this ? Not very inspiring huh? Are you absolutley sure? Umm look a little closer do you see some pretty pink kind of stuff? As most of you know I am a crazy rock hound, love them all of them, never seen a rock I didn't like . Inside this bottle is a collection of Garnets from North Georgia that I had to move to Jacksonville Florida to buy. haha! I belong to the Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society and ever so often we have swaps and sales and all kind of cool things going on. At on of these such events I purchased this bottle of garnets, just fell in love with these dusty lil devils, I could see in the sunlight the pinks and dark maroons and it was love at first site. In my blog I try to bring you along with me on as many of my discoveries as posssible so that is how we got to this point.
Now this is a little closer look  at this treasure, as you can see the pinks are a little bit more visable this is taken on a piece of white paper, but if you a little closer I think I am not positive but I think I see a little bit of bluish color in the middle and off to the left. Now this could be Kyanite, I have already found one piece of Kyanite in this bottle so far. We will have to see later.

Now this is the same collection, only this time they are laying in water, by  placing them in water their color becomes a little bit more clearer as you can see.

Now they are placed on sticks being cabbed , EWWW look at the color isn't it delicious wow, these Garnets are swirling through my brain in jewelry pieces right now, gosh what will I make with these ? So stay tuned folks to see what is created out of these lil treasures that started out as rocks in a  jar.


Happy Tortoise Designs said...

Always fun digging through jars of treasures. :)

CraftyJeweler said...

Fun. I remeber collecting sunstones with my friends. They weren't impressed when we where out, but then i showed one of them some of the pieces i cut and he was like, "wait, THATS what we where looking for?" haha. yes.

Thomasin Durgin said...

wonderful! can't wait to see what you do with those.

nancycreations said...

Yes it was so much fun digging through this little jar. I love the gem and mineral group here in Jacksonville they are so friendly and welcoming.