Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crafty Saturday

I will admit it I love magazines, all kinds of magazines but one of my favorite one's is Belle Armoire Jewelry. I have probaly all of them as well as lots of others. I love to seach through them for fun to pick out something to create from the wonderful articles of treasures they have listed in them. Today is like any other crafty day which is what I call it when the urge to create strikes you and you just have to go for it. In the Sept/Oct/Nov of 2010 issure there is an article called Treasure Vessels where you use a Geode and make a cute little top for it and make a pendant with leather neck tie components. Well I am off on this creative road to do this. Now I have never been one to follow directions very well as some of you know, so I decided to do my own little thing and I can't hardly wait to show you my version of this fantastic design. The version of this great little idea is originally created by Janet Loomis,  and this is her web site  as listed in the article: I am now off to check out her web site she is a fantastic artist. Follow me there and hey let's all try out our concept of this design and if you send me pictures and info I will post them on my blog. Just email the pics and info at

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