Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Ring for the Shop

I know this may sound sick but I am beginning to think I create better when I am sick, wierd huh? Has this ever happened to you? I have really got this jewelry thing going on again in me thank goodness it's been a  moment thought I had lost my creativity there for a second. I guess probaly everyone hits a moment like this where they get kind of lost in everday life and forget what is really important to them. My studio is like air to me, I need it, if I don't get to get there I get really cranky you know. I think it's what keeps me sane sorta I guess there's probaly people out there who think that's not possible at all . Oh well what do they know, I hope you like the ring kind of boho which I love, I still remember the days of clothes that look just like the ones they are selling now in the store near you I think once a litte hippie child always one.

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