Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ode to Aunt Zinnie

     I have lost my beloved Aunt Zinnie or better known as Zinnebelle Markham Speiglberg, the aunt who some how added to me her love of the kitty kats. As long as I have known her she has loved the kitties all colors and makes and models. What a wonderful person she is and will be missed alot by all of us of whom lives were blessed by knowing her. In her later years Aunt Zinnie joined in our family heritage of getting Alzheiemers seems to unfortunately run in our family gene pool. She was usually happy with a little touch of spice to her thank goodness she never showed me this side of her personality but I think my poor Aunt Florence sure got some of it when she got really sick and had to stay with Aunt Zinnie and Jimmy poor Aunt Zinnie couldn't figure out who this stranger was in her house. Jimmy my cousin who is her firstborn child, and son, took care of his mom through out all of it, right by her side walking with her in the yard and helping her feed her herd of cats as she did quite often, you will not find many men who would devote themselves to that task. She is a pickle as is as she is always with me everywhere always telling me to"Keep up my chin it will get better it always does" This article is to honor her while I sit here and write to you with tears rolling down my cheeks lets all honor a woman who raised I think seven children , spent a lifetime with one man, who we think personally crashed his plane in the field at the farm so he could meet her and his partner met my Aunt Era and fell head over hills for her also, so don't you know these farm girls must of had something. She raised her children through two wars I believe and a hubby who fought for our freedom we enjoy today. She is an incredible woman, my hat off to you Aunt Zinnie I know you are flying high with Uncle Cliff in heaven. 
     So today I started this project out in honor of her, made with vintage findings lots of color and as soon as I find one a vintage kitty will be added ot the mix. The idea comes from the the Spring 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry . I used all components already on hand which is new rule of mine to try to downsize my stash of goodies

I tried to use the colors of spring flowers for she really enjoyed her flowers.

As you can see I am a bit messy of well that what having fun is all about being  carefree when you get a chance .

This is part of the inside of the mag showing all kinds of wonderful ideas. This is the greatest zine and one of my favorite's. Please take a moment and remember the special aunt you had in your life who was your favorite or if you are like and blessed with a whole bunch of aunties who are each one special in their own way just to you. Love ya Aunt Zinne may you have lots of kitty kats with you always.

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Terry Jane England said...

Oh, I love this, how beautiful. Thank you, Terry Jane