Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ah the Perfect Little Pair of Hoops for $10

There are times when one is sick with broncitis  one should stay in bed an be good unless they are Nancy then one should kill the being bored to death feeling by going into her studio and working right yeah. Well lately I am trying alot of new things out in the studio, so I was there playing around with ideas packaging up a pair of earrings to go out and I always prepare a little special gift to say thank you for liking my jewelry and I am thinking up this little gift when I go ah a perfect little pair of hoops is what is needed here. You know that pair that goes with everything, I have such a little pair I keep then in my purse because sometimes I forget and leave the house without a pair of earrings on which is a no no its like not being totally dressed, earrings and lipstick a total must even if you are only going to the market for veggies just a plain you can't do it kind of thing. Anyhow here they are just for us and for only $10.00 wow what a bargain totally handmade by me each and every pair now these are for sale at the  or who knows they could come to you as a little thank you the next time you purchase from me somewhere at one of my shows or events. Or what the wow I think I will send a pair to the first person who is sweet enough to leave me a little comment on these earrings on the site here , yes you lucky winner they are yours just leave a comment and email me with your address and guess what they will be on their way to you hee hee I love having fun don't you? Email me at


caroltn63 said...

Hello,YOUR EARRINGS ARE LOVELY AND I agree that wearing no earrings is like being naked,so to speak. THANK YOU for the oppotunity to wear these classy earrings and even if I'm not your first,I will be in touch. Thanks & good luck. Carol @PippinPotter11

caroltn63 said...

***I've read more about you and love what you are about in being self reliant in following your dreams & talent of becoming a silversmith in order to develope & broaden your talent & love of the true art of Jewelry design.You're a fascinating woman as I am a great admirer of what you stand for and also,a great lover of jewelry! What woman doesn't love jewelry?! For now,I am looking forward to tweeting with you in the world of twitter & getting to you better there. Take care and tweet you soon! ~Carol aka @PippinPotter11