Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Addition to my Lifestyle Begins

     Well lately I feel like I am all over the place everywhere and no where all at the same time. Today after alot of drama I finally got registered for college. So at the bright age of 52 I return to college . Enough said on that subject.
     I have been trying to get some time in on making some different types of jewelry, I have been putting some vintage pieces together and seeing what comes of it, I will feature some of the new styles when they get completed I want to incorporate some natural gemstones with the pieces for  a special meaning. You know how I love my gemstones and their secrets from long ago. The first piece I am working on will feature citrines and vintage pearls and some other long ago treasures .

Isn't this a wonderful turquoise from Arizona this one has ring ear marked all over it for me.
These are available on for only $15.00 each what a bargain this is for someone looking for handmade cabochons made by me I sell my cabochons in my etsy sister store called Atticktreasures.

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