Monday, March 21, 2011

Aspiring Metalsmith Project Blogroll "What do you listen to when you work?"

Well that's easy it's whatever moves me on that day, could be R&B, MoTown, Kid Rock, Jazz, Piano classics, gosh it could be just about anything and usually Miss Daisy snoring in the background like a lumberjack. And sometimes it's me dancing the magnificent Solder Dance which thanks To HB my great mentor, instructor, and great friend for teaching it to me. Now I will be honest ,sometimes it's some lil potty words when things aren't going as planned but not to often Well yeah, when I loose that teeny tiny stone and can't find the darn  thing anywhere. Actually Frank has a good idea I should just make jewelry in the floor when it involves little stones . I grewing  up in a house with lots of different types of music playing , a sister who was a 60's hippy chick, mother who loved all music. I  actually remember my first little record player I was probaly 5 or6, Santa brought me the player and some 45rpms I loved that song My Darling Clementine I personally think my sister threw it away. Please join me in viewing what all the other members blog as their favorite thing to listen to, I think we may find out a few things about them, too.

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