Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday night again

I am so sorry I have been really busy doing all kinds of crazy stuff this week. I am working on doing a little bit of riveting in addition to soldering. Riveting is something I have not done very much so I decided to add it on some of my jewelry pieces. Well it is fun sorta of and this comes from a chick who likes no loves using the torch. The only part I really don't like is sawing the little tube thing what a pain, other than that I can see where it will come in handy with other stuff I do. I have alot of ufo's hanging on that I need to finish so I am off to do them this week. As you will see in the pictures I added alot of texture to this necklace I have always wanted a thicker side to the back plates so I think I have found a way for this to happen. I love the amber beads although they were terribly expensive I love the warmth they give off when you rub them and they are good for metabolic disorders, asthma, arthritis and strengthening heart muscles. It is said that the color of Amber is to give you succes, we hope so.

At this time I would like to ask everyone no matter what you religion is please ask for my aunt who is very dear to me for her remaining time bring her lots of joy and happiness, no pain no discomfort, that her remaining time with us be blessed with lots of love and laughter and joy to enable her to deal with this issue that is facing her and may the sun always shine upon her face.

Sadly grief is once again coming to my family sad as it is to deal with, we must prepare ourselves to loose one who is wonderful and very special to us.

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