Thursday, September 30, 2010

Igor Cuff ( Honoring the people of Bermuda)

This month Hurricane Igor hit Bermuda offering lots of damage to them, well just before it hit here in Florida we were feeling the undercurrents with rip tides and lots of danger in the ocean. I was on the beach during this time picking up lots of fragments of shells that were brought to shore because of this hurricane. I was amazed at all the textures on the shell fragments you could see lots of places where water had really smooth out the shells pieces I am thinking maybe these came up from the bottom f the ocean with all the churning of the water,,so I guess walking on the beach made me decide to create a piece of jewelry about how I felt about this Igor. You know we all walk around everyday taking so much for granted we use and abuse mother nature so much with all our wants of it and then we get shocked when she cuts loose and shows us what power she really has I believe there is a reason for everything, who knows what it sis , who are we to ask, damage can occur in any moment in time. So this cuff is all about taking hold of the damage and reconstructing from it . The metal is left over parts from other pieces mostly recycled some fused with other pieces, just a little of this and a little of that. The shell fragments are to show something broken can still be used in another way, the stones added to the cuff are left over pieces from slabs that I had used for cabs, the cuff is all about using damage or left over stuff into a thing of interest and intrigue and making do with what you have which is what these poor people in Bermuda are doing right now they are rebuilding their lives like I am rebuilding this cuff this cuff is all about honoring these people for their grit and stamina to make do and get it all together again to honor the beauty of Bermuda. Please stay with this blog as we go through the building of this cuff, I work on it when I can much like the people rebuilding are doing.

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