Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday mornig at the beach !

Isn't mother nature just the best, it is so beautiful and about as far removed from Atlanta as you can possibly get, I feel like I am finally home. In the remaining pictures I will show you a little bit of mother nature at her finest and hope you can enjoy this majical moment with me on this beautiful Sunday Floridian Morning.

Then this family caught this baby shark when they were fishing, looks like a baby hammer

head I think anyway they showed it to me and then took it off the line and through it back in the ocean to grow up. Notice the gloves !

The girls all dressed up to go to the Beach on Sunday Morning. They were so excited ! This was Bella first visit to the beach and she seemed to get right in the swing of things with Daisy and I . My little Daisy loves the water she is such a water babie my little beach bum.


Terry Jane England said...

I love your photos, and you look so happy. Miss you.

Terry Jane England said...

love your photos and you look so happy.