Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's a Super Sunday

I have just spent the most wonderful Sunday , Frank and I went to the beach first and of course I picked up at least a million sea shells bits and pieces, jewelry ideas kept blowing through my mind. Why is there something so magical about seashells I mean really do you always pick them up to? I always like the broken pieces with all the texture on them that's me the texture queen. Now all these ideas are everywhere in my head going toward being put down on paper before I forget them. The biggest treasure was all the holey stones I found lots of them, now through out ages they are said to offer protection to those who wear them, the stones have holes carved through them from mother nature which is said to have healing and magical properties in them.

It is also said if you look through the hole during the light of a full moon you will see faires I will try this out.Folklore is so interesting , I enjoy reading about the properties of the stones.

Well after a visit to the beach we kept on Highway A1A on towards St. Augustine. It was great there was a wonderful breeze from the hurricane that is off Bermuda please say a prayer for these folks, we went into all the little cool shops, had a wonderful lunch in OLDE TOWNE which is of course where all the tourist shops are but it was fun and relaxing which is what Sundays are all about, sorry no Pics except of my treasures from the beach I forgot the camera.

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