Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A wonderful Wednesday coming up

Thank goodness tomorrow I am off from my little normal job and onto my have great fun job. I got up really early this morning to finish up these little pretties, I had already made some for myself and thought I would feature them on my etsy site. They are the greatest of earrings I just love them. Tomorrow fun is to begin work on the shell pieces I showed you the other day. I want to do some pendants of them, they're texture is so intriguing to me, I am always drawn to sea shells they seem to mysterious to me , I often wonder where the rest of the shell on what distant shore it landed upon. These shells are some of work of the hurricane that the rough seas brought ashore here in Jacksonville. I am enjoying being near the beach for the first time in a long time, I really don't think I knew how much I missed living in Florida. My little Daisy who is not so little anymore is enjoying her sister Bella so much, poor Bella has had a rough time in life but fate landed her with us , it's a little rough getting her use to living outside a cage which is where she spent alot of time in before she came to us , now she has total freedom and is finally learning what "calm down baby " means thank goodness and she is now loving to ride in the car and go for walks although she is still a little scared of the walking she is doing great.

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