Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here's one of my assistants her name is Bella she is the point guard and Daisy is the muscle or her backup in case of any trouble, she is a mix girlie of red heeler and Australian Shepard someone who needed a new home urgently, she spent the first 9 months of her life basically in a cage , she now enjoys the freedom and a loving family us she has really came out of her shell she is doing great. I do share info on jewelry designs, some don't and that's okay everyone should find their own style and not try to reproduce someone else, make your own with your own personal imprint on it , it takes a little time to get it just right just keep practising until you do, make your own designs not someone else's.
This is some sterling silver spoons I have had for years, sometimes I make rings and bracelets out of them, these two spoons had the most wonderful designs on the spoon part so I flattened them to make some restyle pendants out of them., they deigns are so pretty and romantic I use to deal with alot of antiques so I have a million of these everyone says melt them down I say no way !

In this picture you will see the shells after they have been filled in ready for the designs , I use plummers putty found at any hardware store. It comes blue an white and you mix them together umm get ready it really stinks! but the smell does go away.

These are two shell pieces I chose to do more jewelry designs with, their texture is so wonderful and inspiring. I love these shell pieces , these pieces were picked just prior to the hurricane even though it was far away from us in Bermuda the ocean brought in so many shells some whole and some in pieces . I wonder where the other parts to these shells are, what far away beach did they wash up on?

Well I think I was staying up a little to late last night and somehow missed putting the pictures up of my work yesterday sorry. This is the components I will be using for the bracelet that I am working on with the seashells and a little fusing.

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