Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making pretties for someone out there in jewelry land

I love to create cabochons , it is really a zen thing for me, I am always hunting for special stuff always on the hunt like a tracker in Africa looking for big game of course my weapon of choice would be camera gosh how exciting would that be huh? Well so I started think of cabs and of course you can feel a little crispness in the air even here in florida so it was fall colors coming to the forefront of my mind. So here they are my little beauties some not so little some medium and maybe a few by my standards. I love the graphics on the Picasso stones, love that hot pink on the rhodonite went a little crazy for some high domes like gum drops you can get at the fairs at this time of year, the fossils are wonderful to reminds me the summer has ended for some wierd reason all of it is wonderful colors ah and dont forget the fantastic fall sunset one these are all coming to the site this week that are pictured here some are already there some are to arrive soon so keep checking in with me . If you see something you need email me at and I will give you a special discount because you like my blog !

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