Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday is almost gone in the fading daylight

The was a very hard Tuesday lots of things to do some fun some not. Looking for some shark teeth to make a necklace for my grandson I have placed it somewhere , can't seem to remember where I put it so I wouldn't loose it. Oh well that is life so tomorrow I will go to Five Points here is Jax and hopefully find some to make his necklace or he is going to be upset with his grannie. I have been working once again on the fusing techniques, I want to make a braclet with alot of different fused components on it, I would like to implement brass, copper, silver and gold. I was thinking of Halloween coming and what am I going to put on the etsy site? Will have to think on that one. Well it's getting late and tomorrow I am helping out at the bookstore thing so long and please comment please tell what it going on in your life and if you are creating what are you creating post some pics to me . Lets do a little ineracting here folks!

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