Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Sunday Morning Nancy Times

As usual it's 7 in the morning and I am already up and running. I am so excited today is the day I put the studios back together, hurra! I have greatly missed my jewelry fix with all this moving, I think maybe three more trips to the farm and I will be done. I am starting with the jewelry studio first this morning, the new room is painted a blue which by the way I didn't choose but I think its okay and it does have two windows to open for a view of the backyard so that is nice for working in. Oh by the way my little herb garden did the move just fine and is coming along great although I did loose some stuff while I was in Hawaii my little garden helper forgot to water so no nastriums for my salads that mean replacing them and also some cilantro, but the peppers came thru great as well as the chives , basil, oregano and the dill. Today it's fresh pesto with kabobs on the grill wow doesnt that sound great!

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