Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Life New City

I have arrive at last in Jacksonville which is commonly known as Jax. My very first exploration was the "Art Walk " and it was fantastic, this artwalkk also featured the PetWalk so you could bring your four legged friends along for the evening. I saw all kinds of wonderful dogs as I will share with you in some of the photos. Please remember to help our friends in the pet rescue areas in your city in any way you can they really need our help with donations and time if you can and most of all please spay and neuter you own pets.You will see lots of local artists as well a fantastic dance theatre F13RCE DANCE THEATRE that preformed some special presentations for the artwalk that was awesome it was great featured in the pictures are Khaila Espinosa,Gabrielle Roulhac,Kyle Wynn,Sydney Keister, Lyndsey Misenar and Tyveze Littlejohn and special thanks to Mayra Fernandez who is the artistic director of the theatre for showing us a little bit of the wonderful talented artists who use her theatre to enhance their wonderful art. Right next door to the thatre is a terrific gallery named Salon which is a must see with lots of exotic and wonderful displays of art featured there. You will also see the famous Florida Theatre and its wonderful decor which I have tried to show in the pictures which cannot even present the obuiance of such a grand old theatre it is. Along our artwalk you will see different artist presenting the art and some of the great buildings especially the one featuring the Jaguar who is wrapped around the building and can be seen from both sides, just so you know the Jaguars us the Jacksonvlle NFL football team . Last picture you will see is of me enjoying some sangria at a wonderful restaurant in the San Marco area here in Jax my litle Atlanta.

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