Friday, August 13, 2010

It' A Freaky Friday MovingDay Again

Gosh am I ever going to quit moving this errr stuff here from the farm? I ask myself that every time I come home with a load. I have made peace with the understanding that when you are an artist you have lots of supplies(crap ok), you need it to create right, I mean how can you do anything if you don't have some kind supplies on hand. Now I know rusty metal beer tops are not a treasure to some but to me they are and someday I will do something with the few I have. Just lots of stuff for one art medium is ok but when you create with fibers like cloth, thread, and all that stuff in addition to making metal jewelry and doing lapidary work like cutting stones you need stuff for that to, in addition to tools lots of tools for each well to say the least I have lots of stuff and I refuse to give up to much of it, its like parting with treasure although not viewed as treasure by all so my new motto is to love me is to love my treasure and put up with it. Now luckily the love gods sent me someone who is patient and understanding of this situation and he is very supportive whew thank goodness!

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I'll feel for ya honey! Moving sucks.

But as you put stuff away, you'll be refreshed on everything you've got that you may have forgotten that you had! A great chance to try to organize, so try and make the best of it :)