Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Monday All Day Long

Hi everyone it's time to get up and get it together i have been studying some of my research information on stone knowledge and their powers this is something i have been interested in a long time the more i study the more info i get that amazes me. I am trying to find some info i have already studied at some point about what stones the romains sewed in the tunics of their soldiers before they left for war i have a friend whos son is returning to iraq and would like to get a pouch together for him before he leaves to return there. It is amazing the history of the stones over time and the folklore that goes with them alot of people think these beliefs are tied to withcraft which they arent actually they talk of stones in the Bible. Since alot of people are interested in stone knownledge i think i will post ana dditional blog on stones and their powers in which they made be able to help in a positive way in your life, stones are also tuned into the zodiac so there are stones outthere to go with whatever sign you are i will be glad to assist anyone with that info just send me a comment and i will let you know, in addition i also cut and cab my own stones so if you want a raw stone instead of a finished stone let me know and i will try to help you .

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