Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a rainy day in Georgia

Hi everyone sorry i didn't post yesterday but do to a minor household accident i just couldn't type to well . Yesterday i learned its not a good idea to make tea and then clean off the stove while it's still hot especially if you have a gas stove and want to clean the burners hot iron is really HOT!, grabbed the aloe and thank goodness it really does work no blisters forming but you can actually see them kind of weird huh. I guess a typical Monday at work but i did get a day of rest sort of.

Today's agenda is going to be working on the baby cabs again already got them prepared for the cabbing machine but first its experiment time i am going to try to do some mix metal stuff, using copper and silver i want see what kind of cool things i can come up with so be prepared tomorrow for the big surprise of seeing what the experiment turns out for us to enjoy.

I also posted some of my stuff on etsy again trying to get that established offering a great deal on earrings at $15.00 a pair and some other stuff in case you might need some quality inexpensive gifts for the holidays or stocking stuffers.

My last bit of exciting news i am finally getting my own website, hurrah thanks to someone very special out there for helping me out don't know what i would do without your help and support it is in the process of being put together the site is NancysJewelryDesigns.com its under construction now but you can still buy something if you like.

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