Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey it's Midweek Hurrah

Hi everyone thankgoodness it's midweek , i always love Wednesdays because I know tomorrow i will get to hang out with good friends and make cool jewelry yummy. I have been very busy this morning working on some more baby cabachons of course i am loving all of them and not want to part with them ah occupational hazard at best but this is a business so i have to of course i will have to say a few for myself sorry love ya though. There are so many different kinds i can't name them all come Saturday and get what you need they usually run about $15.00 they are alot of work to prep but they are worth it i think. Remember they will be at JFF Saturday join the blog and get a surprise and no i am not going to tell what it is so forget it.

Well it winter time kind of so it's time to start a little knitting again they have some really cool patterns on etsy you can purchase really cheap to download especially if you are a beginner like me , don't know if you remember but my aunt taught the very basic knitting while my mom was in the hospital before she passed so i am still learning hey does anyone know of a good store on the southside for wool and lessons let me know if you do. Well i have decided to do one of those really cute scarfettes on etsy so i will keep you posted on how that goes.

Have a good day and try not to let the weather get you to down to much and keep busy so you can stay warm yuck hate this cold weather such a Floridian i am see you .

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