Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The tooth is finally fixed thank goodness

     Whew I just don't know where to start, the root canal was scary at best a little painful at worst but it's done all over and finished hurray! No pain other that where they gave me shots all 5 of them but they did get the little sucker numbed so great heh? Was there only a hour and a half, left office and found a great little old dame lady house for Frank and I. We will go and interview it tomorrow to see if its what we want , I really like it but its a little bit smaller than this house which could be a problem for us with all my STUFF. Fitting a  silver studio , fiberarts studio and a cabbing studio into one house can be alot of stuffing. UMM we will just have to see.

     Now onto my next news, well do you remember a few postings back about the avacado tree seeds, well I tried the putting them in water and that just did not work for me. So I just popped them in a pot outside and really didn't think they would come but guess what yes they did, I am so liking the idea of my own avacado trees gosh how big do they get they are the dark ones  not the bright green ones guess I had better investigate this . So here they are the Famous Nancy Avacado Trees.
     Folks I am afraid it's going to storm here in a few moments so happy to share with you the news of the avacado tree, wow isn't that great lil trees of my very own.

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