Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Man just call me a little busy bee just going from one place to another getting projects lined up and others completed. Today was spent preparing lots of little cabs for the cabbing machine. These are just baby cabs which is what I call cabs that are not my kind of size cabs which are ususally gi -normous  of course I know alot of really cool people who feel the same way as I do. But not everyone likes that size, so sticks are on and tomorrow I will make a whole bunch of them. Isn't it funny how life teaches you something about yourself all the time? I know now that I do not like earring cabs that are perfectly just alike in the mirror image way, I like them a little bit different, it's fun to make them that way. I am off to the farm again this weekend to pick some more blueberries, these are the best in the world they are big fat juicy and just melt in your mouth so it's kind of like one for the mouth two for the container oh well discipline is not my thing okay. The fields there are full of vegetables, watermelons which are fantastic too by the way Thank you Jessie the melons were fantastic. The vegtable garden is blooming away bringing forth lots of bounties of veggies, corn, beans, squash, potatoes, cucumbers, spinach, peas, and finally the tomatoes are ripe there, My sis always plants these roma tomatoes which she cans up for the winter now me I love the cherrie tomatoes and the big boys and the heirloom ones. My pepper bushes are overflowing with peppers some really hot ones! Still trying to train Baby Beast to shake hands when he can focus that is. My Daisy was so easy to train to do everything Beastie is not! It must be a boy thing.
     Coming to Atlanta next week, my bestfriend is having a special birthday so all the old jewelry gang is getting together to spend a week together having fun, making jewelry, laughing just us girls. I will have to post some pics of us, we are a group of women who started taking classes at Spruill Art Center in jewelry then along the way we picked up others , we all are so tightly woven together in friendship that is strong and good we support each other totally give advice add our opions of each others work so many different things these wonderful group of women have been with me through deaths of friends and family, divorce, everthing you can imagine. I truly can't imagine life without them, we are so different some stronger than others some sweeter than others, some personality traits that are so different but we have a bond that with stands the test of distance and of time. We have probaly been together for more than I am going to guess at least 6 years of contant contact . We are more like a family of sisters than friends always there for each other through thick and thin . I hope you have someone in your life like this, everyone should have a super bestfriend and should be a super bestfriend. .

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Terry Jane England said...

beautiful. You are great person. have fun.