Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's another week

Good day to all, my adopted Boxersocks kitty got spayed yesterday, here in Jacksonville if you live in a certain zip code they will spay or neuter your animals for free although you have to buy a license for the . I think this is a wonderful option for animals as well as for their owners. There was a great turn out of owners doing the responible thing.Gosh baby Beast as he affectionately called is growing so fast he weighs in at 30 lbs now I cannot even begin to tell you how into everything he is and his favorite thing is to bark alot, he will bark at you when he wants something you are eating. Of course Frank just gives him anything he wants he is such a lil monster. Daisy girl has finally accepted him and is now enjoying their play together. I am still working on the tutorials for the blog especially the prong one its coming along really good I ask for a little bit more patience from you and I will publish it. Well got to go study for school stay tuned in for the tutorial.

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Terry Jane England said...

show us that cat, show us the cat