Saturday, June 25, 2011

A quiet moment in my day at last

    Ah a quiet moment, how nice . I finally finished up a scarf I have been knitting for a couple of weeks its a dark grey and staying within the rules of my creations of art only with supplies that I have on hard forever it's finally done who its owner will be who knows probaly my Frank who is always cold in the winter umm now remember I do live in Florida but in Jacksonville where it does get a bit nippy. Picture to be included later. I also have a wonderful surprise for you but I won't share until later in the week but I was so shocked and suprised when I returned from Atlanta and found it. Pictures of the surprise also to come later. Pictures of my trip to Atlanta also to come later. Yeah I know I am lazy lately dealing with way to much drama yuck you ever notice how energy sucking it does to you. I am having a root canal done this week on this terribly infected tooth that is the result of trying to take care of myself and get old fillings replaced with new ones because my dentist said I needed to umm well two filling done on the tooth now a root canal has to be done I am none to happy about this would you be? Of course not. My plan of action is to finish up the second part of the prong setting go over two new books I just purchased with you , show you all my pics of everything and catch up everything . Now I need a favor from you, I want some darn comments okay come on folks I see you in the the tracker following me and my lil blog I share with you how about some return here okay? I would love to hear from you what you think any input would be great so come one leave a little comment or at least tell me what to do to interest you enough to leave a comment. Those of you who do leave comments I read everyone of them faithfullly. I am so excited when one of you leaves them , please join my blog what is it going to take folks just let me know so we can all get on the same page here huh?

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J said...

I'm sorry for lurking!!!! I am one of those quiet types who doesn't usually speak up in a roomful of people unless I know them all. The tutorial on prongs for cabs is great!