Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Delay Sorry Folks

I am so sorry everyone but I have a real super real tooth pain. You know it's wierd you turn 50 and everything goes to crap in a hand basket for real man, suddenly you become a high maintence person just to stay healthy. Suddenly it's diets, exercising taking care of your skin man just a few things the list goes on and on. Well this little tooth problem started off as a simple cleaning, then progressed to need to replace 20 year old fillings to a second filling because something was wrong with the first one, on it went to another exam and filling to discover that it now needs a root canal . Is this the pits or what? This entire process went on for 4 months yeah unbelievable right? So tomorrow I will go in for the root canal and hopefully this will be the end of the saga or else they will just have to remove it enough is enough. So it continues hopefully all better , then I will post second part of the prong series for everyone and share all my other news. Thank you so much for commenting on the blog , I was so happy to hear from people and thank you for liking my blog. Yes I do believe in sharing info and helping one another with techniques, all our creations are our own, each unique, I don't copy people's art I do my own thing its mine all mine now if someone else copies mine I am flattered , I am sad for them to miss out on the opptunity to create their own piece but it's okay because sooner or later they will gain confidence in themselves and so their own thing too.I am not scared of creating , it's fun its exciting, gosh if it all doesn't look good just melt it down and create something else, its done by you and only has to please you really not anyone else. Go for it , if you get stuck email me I will try to help you out if I can I am not a perfect know it all but I will help if I can but go create everyday create something its so good for your soul. I will share a little secret with you I knit yeah I know knit, umm yes but only scarves and only in the knit stitch nothing else this is my down time thing it relaxes me once I tried to knit a scarve in a sampler pattern okay, well I thought this will be cool I will learn all these new stitiches , well the scarf is still not finished , it was way to stressfull for me , so I just knit my lil scarves I think I will fill up a bag and give them to maybe the homeless to help with the cold this winter, it's my relaxation my medation my calming thing.

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Terry Jane England said...

thank you, and i hope you are feeling better. My husband went through it, he no problems after. I am sure and hopeful you will be fine. Terry jane