Monday, May 16, 2011

Checking in on the world at large

Umm Yeah I am still alive and kicking, just taking a little private time.  Get prepared info coming your way a couple of tutorials I have been working on. They will be on embossing and how to make my version of the prong setting of Joanna Golbergs great new series of rings. I admit I am one of those people who is intimated by the prong setting, but I love this new style using the cabochons. With this new method of Joanna's you can use less silver which in todays silver market great, and add a new twist to style which is always great. I had no info on this method just really examined her jewelry on her website and made up my own version I personally don't think it's cool to copy anothers jewelry, I want my own style my own look, but I do admire her greatly she is a fantastic artist so hopefully she want mind if I do my own version of this type of style, now do keep a watch out for her style in a jewelry mag that is coming out can't remember which one but I did see an advertisement for it gosh I would love to attend one  of her workshops, wouldn't you? I have seen her jewelry in person and i have got all her books , almost met her in Atlanta at a gallery a couple of years ago but I had just missed her she was doing an opening there. One day when all gets right in my little world of finance I am off to lots of workshops everywhere I can go .

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Terry Jane England said...

okay, I want photos... send photos as I too am frightened of the prong.
miss you. Terry jane