Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finding cool stuff on etsy!

I simply love etsy. I love seeing all the really cool interesting creations people make and love all the old vintage treasures you find there. Etsy is the best entertainment around especially if you live in Mt Dora Fl. Another story for another day. Okay back to etsy , while I was doing my brain downer from homework I search etsy and check out facebook and my flickr and all this cool stuff that keeps me somewhat sane from doing math homework Algebra totally sucks trust me. So here is my coolest  find for the moment  I think these are the coolest thing I have maybe ever found on etsy, I love them gotta have some of these babies , are they the wow or what ? Made me laugh my self crazy I love them . Okay folks not making jewelry these days trying to get through this summer madness of school , for certain the last summer I ever spend at school . Duh? Oh well something else to put on my knownledge list of information in life experiences. Summer school gotta love it. 

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