Friday, July 20, 2012

Do you doodle

     I love to doodle do you? Since returning to school I often find myself lost in my doodles, just making little designs for no apparent reason, concentrating just lost in my thoughts. My mind goes in a different place, a place of lines and dots and dashes , black ink and oh my favorite of things to draw , mmms. yes I love to draw eyes don't know why or even when I started doing this in my life I just did. My first memories of drawing were actually of just writing my name, absentmindedly on a piece of paper over and over again. Who knows what a shrink would say to this but oh well. Then one day I just started drawing eyes , lots of eyes. Now they did have great eye lashes and eyebrows but yes they were only eyes. Well now I find myself actually adding noses and mouths always in a side profile , Then suddenly one day I remembered my mom who was a fantastic drawing lady just drew faces like this, maybe somehow since I spent so much time with her this somehow translated over to me, Life is a strange thing at times. So one who can't leave well enough alone did a little bit of investigating and still working on the intrigue of the doodling . Well while trolling for info I came across this and I am going to order the book and see where it takes me ,  Check it out When I get brave I will share some of my doodles with you. Till then keep creating its what keeps us all sane. 



Now that you mention it, I realise that I doodle a lot less now than I used to. When I was in school especially, I doodled A LOT. Faces and animals and women's clothes. I think doodling correlates a lot with daydreaming, which I guess I did a lot more of in school!

nancycreations said...

Yes Bikbik, its like a meditative of mind almost, where you are in the here and now but somewhere else too! Really finding the zentastik stuff interesting I never knew other people did them besides me. See I am normal afterall LOL