Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally time in the studio

     The end of the summer semester is coming to an end, thank goodness. I will have a wonderful two week break in between this and fall semester of school and it's studio time, hurrah!!! As most of you know I seldom talk about my  family and friends although I am truly blessed with wonderful ones each of them. My daughter who has worked very hard at getting her RN license has finished up and she is now an RN. I wanted to create something for her that was special to her and this child always wants jewelry, she loves it as much as I do. Usually she gets the first of anything I create it's just the way it happens in life. I started a set of stacker rings for her some time back and have been adding to them one by one, well she's about to get a bundle of six of them. I know she will love them and its going to be so funny because she will see this blog and know they are coming with me tomorrow and she will be dying of anticipation , mmm I wonder how long before she calls me squealing about them,lol. You will get to see them first and here they are. 

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Anthony Kotseridis said...

I love the last photo and how the photos combinations look